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Hope’s Actual Spending – Week of Aug 17-23


I’m still trying to figure out how to do my anticipated/budgeted spending and income each week versus my reality. But for now, I’ll just split it into two posts.

I posted my anticipated income and spending for the week of August 17th here. And many suggested posted what actually happened.

I am pleased to announce, I was pretty spot on with a few exceptions:

  • Volleyball games ended up costing me $20 – Gymnast went with me to one game and there were 3 games that week instead of 2.
  • CS – I ended up making $175 instead of $150.
  • NH – paid me a deposit of $300 for the work I was completing, and will pay the remainder after work is complete.

I predicted all these costs and income numbers pretty spot on. But there were costs I did not predict:

  • Eating out – $22 (2 meals) This has been an issue with all the sports travel for volleyball and needing to pick Sea Cadet up from his school at 10:30pm at night. We were starving! Thankfully, him having his own car now will help cut down if not eliminate this challenge.
  • Light bulbs – $15 (the two light bulbs over our kitchen stove went out and I need that light when cooking)

I’ll still looking at how I can do this better. Communicate better. Your suggestions are appreciated.