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Snack Attack


I was in charge of snacks today for DD’s volleyball game.  Thanks to my Community Supported Agriculture pack I got yesterday I had some strawberries to share!  I’ll have to post on the CSA again soon but short update is, I love it!

As you might recall, I switched the kids and I to “real food” almost one year ago and I am finding it is these group events that are the most challenging.  I portioned out strawberries and grapes for the nine girls on the team.  I was pretty darn proud of myself b/c it would have been SO much easier to grab a box of cookies or candy like they usually receive and be done with it!  As DD saw me packing the snacks she became worried.  My 8-year-old was completely freaking out about the ridicule she would face with our choice in snacks.  By my very nature I am not one to do something different b/c others say I should (and yes, I ‘ll say it for all of you–this in a doubled edged personality trait!), I encouraged her that this was a great snack and that her teammates would love it!  She went on about Oreos and those fruit gummy things but I “gently” stood strong. DS was helpful in that he understands now the value of eating well so he encouraged DD to calm down.

I admit as I got to the game, I got nervous too!  Even had a last second thought that I should drop the fruit and RUN!  Isn’t that SAD?  Isn’t that crazy that our culture has done this to us?!  I found myself explaining my self in an apologetic tone.  I quickly stopped THAT nonsense and got just as excited about fruit as the girls should be and it worked (mostly).  There was one girl who asked for seconds and a couple of girls who only took the bag of fruit because their parents were nearby giving the evil eye.  My daughter got stronger in the moment and I heard her saying that you get good energy and vitamins from this stuff!

And–I saved money!  Fruit is SO much cheaper than the packaged crap!  I had to really hold back from going on my food rant as we are new to this group.  My friend who I’ve known a long time was very supportive and confessed that she wanted to do the same but her daughter “wouldn’t let her.”  I have so been there but for today I stood strong.

Now I’m off to enjoy some strawberries and grapes!  As I picture the scowls of some of those little girls and both laugh and cry a little.

Community Supported Agriculture


In an ongoing effort to both eat a more healthy diet AND save money, I am giving a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group a try.  Does anyone do this already?  I am so excited about picking up my first half-order on Friday.  Almost as excited as I still am about this stupid Simple Human trash can!  There’s a $50 set up fee and then it is $425 for 10 weeks.  I’m splitting this first round with a friend so we can get an idea of what to expect.  I love the idea of eating locally produced foods.  I love the idea of experiencing new items and expanding our palates.  I love the challenge of cooking new foods that I may have never cooked before.  But, most importantly, I love the idea of the money I can save here.  Our share of this first delivery will be $21 per week.  If we get enough meat and produce this could be a great way to reduce the grocery budget.  Keep in mind I only feed the kids two weeks out of the month.  On the other two weeks it is just me I have to worry about!  If I get meat and produce for $84 per month I might shave that $300 per month grocery budget down to $200.  🙂

Here’s the one I joined: http://www.kochranches.net/community-supported-ag.html

Please share about your experiences with local agriculture!