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IRS Frustrations


The IRS is currently working its way to the top of my list of most hated organizations to deal with.

My current Top 3 List of Organizations I Hate Dealing With include:

#3. Social Security (I am the representative payee for my father so I have to deal with them in reference to his disability payments, and it suuuuuucks the life out of me!)

#2. IRS! Read more below.

#1. Navient. Oh Navient, you know how much I hate you.

(Side note: Hmmmm, interesting how 2 of the 3 are government organizations and the third is also backed by the federal government. Inefficiency, much???)

Nothing like calling the IRS, sitting on hold for half an hour, and then having the line disconnected. Only to call again, sit on hold again, and have it disconnected again. I think there might be a 30-minute time hold limit and then the IRS system automatically disconnects??? I’ve been sitting on hold while working at my desk so I’m not out and about with poor cell service or anything like that. Grrrr!!!!! If you can believe it, I’m still¬†trying to set up a payment plan from my 2016 back-taxes!!!! AGH! In April we sent a huge payment and tried to initiate a payment plan at that time. Thought it was all set up, but it turns out it was never accepted. I’ve tried calling multiple times but have been thwarted every time (to clarify, I’ve been able to speak to people, but they can never help me – they have to mail me something to sign, or transfer me to another department. It’s a whole cluster-f over there)! I’ve been making payments online through their online system just so they’re receiving something, but it hasn’t been officially set up yet. I was just able to (fingers crossed) finalize everything today, but they still deal with 1983 technology so the official agreement has to be mailed out, signed, and returned. Sooooo, still not completely set up but at least it’s progress compared to the past 7 months of nonsense. The issue, if you’re curious, is that when we did our 2016 taxes we also had a small amount they claimed we owed from 2015. We had an accountant help us with everything and agree the 2015 charges shouldn’t exist. So everything was on “hold” with 2016 stuff because we’d refused to sign an IRS agreement of taxes owed for 2015. I guess they couldn’t move forward with any payment plans unless and until the discrepancy was resolved, which took a long time and a lot of snail-mail back-and-forth. (Who doesn’t use internet these days??? I mean, I know it’s secure info but there are lots of ways to encrypt email, right???)

Anyway, it’s been a pretty shitty past couple of days. A lot of stress with work drama and some nonsense going on at our kids’ school in addition to the ever-present financial stress we have in our lives currently. I’m glad to have this minor “win” on the IRS front. Not that it’s even been officially completed yet. But I think we’re finally on our last step. Supposedly, the papers will come in the mail, we sign and return, and everything should be set for our first OFFICIAL payment starting in December. We’ll be paying $283/month, which is significantly LESS than what I’d been paying previously through their online system. The reduced payment means we’ll be paying for a much longer period of time (ummmm, approximately forever???) But with our serious budget shortfall going on right now, we really can’t afford to continue making larger payments. So it is what it is. And we keep moving forward.

My motto the past few days has been: Make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. My husband thought it sounded a little pessimistic, but I think it’s optimistic. Looking forward to a better tomorrow! ūüôā



Okay–below are the nitty gritty dirty details!¬† Please please keep in mind that the minimum payments here exceed what I have paid down amount noted on the right hand column…because I still have 11 days in the month to pay those bills that are not due until the last part of the month.¬† I have paid extra on cards this month–even if only 5 dollars extra!¬† I paid off a small bill and am ready to move on to the next.¬† In short, the total amount paid you see on the right (currently $1,458.45) is not comprised solely of minimum payments.¬† Does that make sense?¬† Remember that we get paid weekly so a little bit each week is going to overall debt reduction.

Take a look and tell me what you think.¬† Now…when I say “tell me what you think” might I suggest that we all practice that tried and true “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”¬† In other words, just throw me a flippin’ bone and tell me ONE good thing I am doing…I am human after all and even if just ONE thing before a list of 20 I am doing wrong…I promise I can hear the 20 bad things better if I just have that ONE!¬† Sorry if that sounds sensitive but this continues to be a HUGE deal to put my neck out every single day…and then someone comes along with a HATCHET and…well…you get the rest of that terrible picture.

Side note:¬† big boss in from Houston tomorrow and Thursday.¬† If we don’t hear the announcement this week…just anticipate my next post to be from an undisclosed location where they had to send me to manage “things.”¬† Ha!

  • Credit Union Line of Credit: $163.67¬†¬†¬†¬†
    Minimum payment: $20.00 
    Interest Rate:  12.25%
  • Credit Union Line of Credit: $163.64
    Minimum payment: $20.00 
    Interest Rate: 12.25%
  • Credit Card: $217.00
    Minimum payment: $15.00
    Interest Rate: 9.9%
  • Personal Loan: $550.00
    Minimum Payment: $100 
    Interest Rate:¬†0% (LONG story on this one…to¬† my Dad…)
  • Credit Card:¬†$760.54
    Minimum payment: $25.00
    Interest Rate: 23.99%

  • Credit Card: $1042.72
    Minimum payment: $29.00
    Interest Rate: 18.65%
  • Credit Union Credit Card: $1,834.16
    Minimum payment: $50.00
    Interest Rate: 15.70% (closed at my request)
  • Credit Card: $2062.73
    Minimum payment: $105.00
    Interest Rate: 24.9%
  • Credit Union Credit¬†Card: $2,460.13
    Minimum payment: $50.00
    Interest Rate:  11.70% (closed by Credit Union b/c of divorce)
  • Credit Card $7071.02
    Minimum Payment: $140.00 
    Interest Rate: 18.24%
  • Credit Card: $14661.00
    Minimum Payment: $268.00
    Interest Rate: 11.9% (totally the divorce on this card)
  • Honda Civic: $16340.05
    Minimum Payment: $280.00
    Interest Rate: 2.9%
  • Credit Card: $23868.07
    Minimum payment: $560.00
    Interest Rate: 12.9% (closed at my request)
  • Honda Mini Van¬†¬†$25447.49
    Minimum Payment: $436.00
    Interest Rate:  2.9%