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Preparing for a No Spend Month


I have decided to make October a No Spend Month. I’m already talking it over with the kids. Hoping to make it a goal driven game of sorts as they are very much bought in to saving money these days on wants over needs.

There are several reasons for this No Spend Month:

  1. We are planning to drive to Texas for the week of Thanksgiving, all 5 of us. And I need to create a bigger buffer to afford that trip. Even though I do not have to take off work, it will cost me more than a regular week. (History Buff will be coming to GA from VA to drive with us. We will be spending the week at my parents I think I wrote about this back in June when I committed to it. But with my mom’s health declining, my dad is trying to get all us kids and grandkids there for a last family photo.)
  2. The kids time-consuming sports will end. School football and volleyball will be over the first week, so practices, games and nightly carpool commitments will end. So other than a weekly trip to gymnastics, we will be home all the time which makes it much easier to not spend.
  3. While we do get food stamps this month, it will be the last. So I want to make them stretch as far as possible. I believe I can make the groceries we have plus one more good shopping trip last through the month of October with just a small budget to replace perishables.

Planning Ahead

When I’ve done No Spend months or weeks in the past, they’ve been kind of last minute things. This time, I’m planning for it. And I’m hoping this planning will help us do even better than we have in the past.

These are the things I’ve thought through so far:

  1. Personal hygiene – making sure the littles and I have what we need to get through a month. Gymnast is currently out of deodorant and I’m about to be.
  2. Sundries – I need to stock up on some laundry detergent and purchase a back up bottle of dish soap. I’m watching the weekly news ads for specials on this in hopes of keeping the cost as low as possible. Our toilet paper will be restocked on Sept. 12 (subscribe and ship from Amazon every quarter.) Other than that, I think we are all set in this area.
  3. Food – we will be able to use food stamps, but my goal is to shop at the end of September based on a meal plan of what we currently have in the house and buy as little as possible. It would be great to get to the end of October, rather beginning of November and still have food stamps. We are now halfway through this month and still have over 1/2 of August’s resources available. My goal is to clear the deep freezer and pantry over the next 6 weeks.
  4. Gas – with very little driving needed in October, I think we will almost be able to cut my weekly gas budget in half. Woot, woot! That will really help with the extra driving we will be doing in November to go to Texas.
  5. Change in the Weather? We’ve spent this week cleaning out closets and checking on what people need as far as cooler weather clothes. Everyone has everything that NEED, not saying there are no wants, but I do not anticipate needing to purchase anything for October clothes-wise even if the cooler temperatures appear.

Saving for Trip vs Paying Off Debt

The real challenge is going to be balancing saving for the Texas trip and putting all my extra monies toward debt. We should start having significantly more “extra” monies in October as 1) we cut our spending even further and 2) my work continues to increase.

It has been a lot of fun to start paying extra on debts. It feels really good to see those numbers dropping and even better that I’m not having to stress over every single payment.

My thought is that I need to create a budget for the trip or savings goal. And then once I hit that, put any extra towards extra debt payments. Thoughts? What have I missed in planning for a very serious No Spend Month?

Life has Come to a Screeching Halt


In addition to disputing my unemployment benefits claim, my most recent W2 job also failed to pay my last invoice, reimburse me for sub-contractor services AND I had to make several calls before I was paid for the PTO I had accrued.

On top of that, I called to move my 401K and was told as part of the plan a third party contracted by my W2 job had to review and approve the move and then the W2 job had to approve it before any action could be taken.  Neither the 3rd party or my W2 job has done anything about it, it’s been 8 days since I made the official request.

Now I know where that saying comes from “I’m so angry I could spit!” I made a final attempt yesterday to move all of this along with a call and follow up emails to their accountant/payroll person. I don’t know what good it will do but I tried.

In addition, the Department of Labor for the state of Georgia called to take my rebuttal statement on their denial of my benefits.  Evidently, the burden of proof is on my W2 job to prove what they say “she didn’t do her work” and they have thru today to prove their case.  I am confident in my stance and have copies of all the work files, etc. but I am just flabbergasted at being treated like this.

Moving Forward

I am moving forward on applying for jobs, have had several interviews and am working on a new website for my consultant business. But for the most part, life is at a standstill.  If I don’t receive the pay owed or begin receiving UI benefits, I will have to dip into my savings at the end of this week.  I’m so grateful for it, but I’m just mad!

In all my years of working with different companies I have never been treated like this. I have never had to argue with a payroll person that they didn’t pay me. She even said with me leaving, I gave up all my PTO…umm, not!  I’ve just never dealt with such an unethical company, and I do not know that I have any recourse. (Another girl who had been there for 7 years was let go a couple of weeks before me, and they made false statements about her UI benefits as well, so she has yet to receive them either.)

Groceries and Weight

We are pretty much in a no spend month which has not been too bad. We stocked the freezer with food in January so we have plenty of meat and so on.  Today I bought a large salad mix for $3.66, a carton of sliced mushrooms $1.28 and 2 avocados – $0.98 each. Not to bad for weekly groceries.

Probably the best thing out of all this is that I’m down 15 pounds without trying.  Side effect of the stress, I suppose.

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