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Hope’s Anticipate Income and Spending – August 31-Sept 6


You can see last week’s anticipate spending and income here. This is week three of this type of reporting.

These are my anticipate income and spending numbers for this coming week:

Anticipated Spending - Week of 8/31

Income *after taxes$1235
Reimburse Grandmama($16)
Life Insurance *quarterly payment($67)
Utilities - Gas, Water & Trash($92)
Utilities - Electric($170)
History Buff *loan replayment$50
Cost of Girdle for football


I don’t think much of this needs explanation but maybe a few do:

  1. The income is monies due this week from various client. I can’t predict when clients pay, but this is anticipated receipt days. This number is after taxes.
  2. My life insurance is a quarterly payment. I switched from annual to quarterly last December due to budget constraints and fear of losing my job. I may return to annual payments this year, but have not decided.
  3. The gymnastics payment is iffy right now. If Gymnast decides to pursue football, I will not have to pay for the month of September.
  4. I loaned History Buff this money last week, he will be paying me back. There is lots of back story to this that is his story and not mine to share. Please do not presume anything, he is doing well and getting back on the right track. (And it looks like he will be moving home in a couple of months as he works to tie up lose ends in Virginia.)
  5. My grandmother gave me $16 to purchase a chiffon scarf for her, she then had me return it. This is the refund for the money she originally gave me.
  6. Gymnast will make a decision on football over the weekend. If he decides to continue, I must purchase him a Girdle…I have no idea what to expect cost wise but am going to look this evening at a larger sports store.

I have pulled all “business” line items out per a BAD reader suggestion.

In good news, I picked up another long term, part time client starting next week – woohoo!