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Grocery Shopping with DD


I had a bad idea yesterday after work and picking up DD from camp–to make a quick stop at the grocery store for a few necessary items.  I’m already off to a bad start because I didn’t get the week’s shopping done as I usually do on the weekends AND I was sleep deprived.  I figured we’d zip in and grab a few items.  As you probably suspect–this resulted in a totally flustered Mom and Daughter and too much money spent! 

I know I must have a plan and a list when I go into a grocery store…but what do I do when there is nothing to eat at home AND I have no plan?!  I almost ran by a local vegetarian restaurant known for its real food but knew that would be expensive.  I told myself I could run in and out of the grocery store and grab just what I needed–the items on my mental list that I really should have put down on paper.  Add to this DD going through processed food detox and we had a mess of a time!  She isn’t normally one to ask for lots of things but that’s because she usually has all the junk she wants.  With the new rules and the post-vacation blahs…her requests were non-stop!  Wow!  Stuff she doesn’t even have a history of liking were being begged for with all out drama! 

It was an all-around bad idea and exhausting for both of us.  I spent $35 on random stuff—all “real food” except for the pringles I agreed to in a huge moment of weakness.  After I got home I confirmed that I did get some things for DD’s lunches for camp but other than that virtually nothing I got can create a meal.  🙁

Today is a new day and I’m not off to a great start.  I didn’t have time to make my oatmeal at home and paid $2 for oatmeal from the downstairs cafe.  They were happy to see me again but I was not happy to pay them $2.00 for a bowl of oatmeal.

I’m giving myself a break–and I’ll find some time to make a plan today!