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Protecting Investments…


Nearly 6 months ago, my husband and I were the recipients of an awesome trade with my sister-in-law’s father. We traded some moving services for fancy furniture – furniture we could never afford to purchase on our own. Included in this trade was a very, VERY nice king sized bedroom set.

My husband loves this set. It’s exactly what he would have picked out, including the ultra comfortable mattress. It should come as no surprise that his love affair with this bedroom set would cause him to do… interesting things.

I came home from work to find him covering the bed in plastic sheeting.

“Uh hon? Whatcha doin’?” I asked.

He glanced up, then glanced at the sheeting, debating whether or not to tell me the truth.

“Um. Protecting against bedbugs?” He said and mumbled, “And protecting against your water breaking and destroying the mattress.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“Babe. We can’t afford to replace this mattress if your water breaks and ruins it. You know what we can afford? A $19 protection sheet” he said sheepishly.

I can’t fault the guy for trying to protect something we couldn’t possibly hope to replace, but I’m not going to lie…

Nothing makes you feel like a three year old quite like the crinkle of plastic sheets.

Oh the things we do for fancy furniture.

The Craigslist Trifecta…


There are three statements your like to hear buying Craigslist goods…

‘I’m remodeling’
‘I’m cleaning out my garage and don’t have room’
‘My wife isn’t home and I can’t remember how much she said to sell it for but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.’

I had been watching for deals on Craigslist for much needed baby supplies for a couple months but hadn’t found anything. I’m not picky… but I’m not particularly interested in your great aunt Myrtle’s crib that is ‘in great shape – but missing a few semi-important parts.’

Then, one lucky Thursday morning, I found ‘the one’. It was a crib in the perfect color, great condition, and offered at a reasonable price.

My husband and I went to take a look on Friday and the seller said, ‘I’m remodeling our home and I want to get rid of everything. I’m storing the remodeling supplies in my garage and don’t have room for all this baby stuff. My wife is not here, but I kinda remember how much she said she wanted.’

Cha-Ching! I hit the Craigslist trifecta.

He opened his sparkling clean garage and in a carefully covered corner was a stack of baby items.

The heavens opened and I heard the Hallelujah chorus.

The seller kept piling items into my husband’s truck until we had no more room. What did we escape with?

A travel system stroller, car seat, and base, nearly brand new with all the manuals and a note that read, ‘This car seat has never been in an accident, has not been recalled, and has never been placed in a shopping cart’ (Hmm. Someone is a little OCD like me!).
A heavy duty crib and a new mattress with the manuals and the orthopedic information on the mattress.
Adorable spotless bedding for a baby boy.
A medium duty stroller for when the travel system stroller gets too heavy.
A toddler car seat that read ‘This car seat has never been in an accident and has not been recalled’.
A Red Flyer wagon with off-road tires and wood siding straight from the box.

All for $170.

The wife called just before we left. From our end, we heard…

‘Yes. They decided to buy the crib and stroller.’
‘How much?’
‘ Oops. They already paid.’
‘I gave them the other stroller and toddler seat too.’
‘Oh. Well, it’s already in their car.’
‘No. That’s rude.’
‘Sorry. It’s gone honey.’
‘They are driving off right this second.’

He hung up. ‘Whelp. I’m in trouble. But it’s worth it. I’ve got space! Have a great day guys.’

And off we went.