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Work Negotiations…


A few weeks ago, the temp filling in for me while I’m out on leave, called to say she wouldn’t be returning after October 1st. Legally I can take leave until the end of November but I was reluctant to leave my employer in a bind. Usually, I’m not one to take advantage when the cards are in my favor but… I want to be with my son as long and as much as humanly possible soooo… I played my best hand.

I negotiated with the HR department to only work 2 days per week until the end of the year and return to full-time status in January. I asked that my benefits remain the same and I accrue vacation time at the normal rate.

Turns out, I can be quite bossy.

HR approved my request.

I start this week but it’s easier knowing it’s only part-time. Let’s just hope our checkbook can survive!

Bad Decisions?


After my not so nice request to my employer to please stop contacting me while on maternity leave, I experienced a wonderful time of peace and quiet.

That didn’t last long.

On Wednesday, the calls, e-mails, and texting started again.

Maternity leave is great, but keeping my job is important – especially since I use my paycheck to pay my mortgage and pay down debt.

Sure, I understand that they can’t legally fire me for turning off my phone while on disability, but I’m a bit concerned about what will happen AFTER I return to work. You can bet my employer will remember I ignored calls.

All day Wednesday, as the calls came one after the other and I pressed the ‘ignore’ button on my phone, I told myself I deserved just one more day of quiet. I’d get to them on Thursday.

Thursday morning, I woke up to more voicemails and decided…

I’m not going to return any more calls while out on leave.

Bad decision financially? Maybe.

But I only get to spend a few precious moments with my newborn son – and I’m going to enjoy every single one.