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Dear Murphy – Please Move Out…


Murphy’s Law has moved in to our house.

First we had the damage done by our house sitter (update on that later), now we have a fickle water heater.

Our water heater has started leaking an excessive amount of water. If I lived in Kansas, perhaps leaking water wouldn’t be a problem – but I live in California. Forget oil, water is our liquid gold.

My plumber husband has been out in the garage for the last hour and a half trying to save our 5 year old water heater. All I keep hearing is, ‘I’ll get six more years out of you if it kills me!!’

I stay quiet and make a waterless dinner while he slams tools and torches the pipes. Halfway through cooking, he opened the garage door into the kitchen and shouted, ‘It’s a lot more fun to do this while you are getting PAID for it!’ then disappeared again.

We are $75 in the hole so far but I all I can think is…

Thank God I married a plumber – albeit a temporarily grouchy plumber.