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Accidental Extreme Couponing…


I always flip through the coupons in my weekly stack of junk mail. This week, the mailman accidentally delivered 5 stacks of the same coupon pile. I was about to toss them when I discovered a killer coupon for Degree deodorant. Our grocery store was running a sale on the same item so my final purchase price was a whopping 25 cents each. Taking it as a ‘sign from God’ and not as a ‘sign the mailman was tired or lazy’, I clipped all 5 copies and purchased 5 sticks of deodorant. While there, I grabbed two tubes of toothpaste ($3 off coupon) and two bottles of store brand mouthwash ($1.50 off coupon). I went home with $30 worth of goods for just over $3.

Proud of my savings, I opened my linen closet doors to store my stash and…

discovered there were already 4 sticks of deodorant, 5 tubes of toothpaste, and 2 bottles of store brand mouthwash.

That’s what I get for chastising the TLC Extreme Couponing show. Stupid Karma.

My husband gets slightly annoyed when he discovers that I have 8 bottles of shampoo but can’t seem to stock a decent bottle of aspirin – it’s not my fault they don’t offer aspirin at 90% off and I have no motivation to pay full price for anything. I know some women who hide their shopping discretions from their husbands… sadly, I include myself in that group. But it’s no Coach bag or Hermes sweater stuffed in the back of my closet, it’s 4 bottles of discounted body wash. I cringed when I caught my hoarding, *cough*, ‘savings’ mistake and quickly shoved the deodorant behind some sheets. Regardless of the savings, I’d have to have one heck of a sweaty summer to burn through 9 sticks of deodorant.

I learned my lesson. All coupons are going straight to the trash until I run out of deodorant… which should be sometime in 2015.

Tax Time Eye Opener…


My husband and I contribute to several charitable organizations throughout the year. Last year, one of them asked us if they could e-mail us monthly notices requesting our pledged donation rather than mail the paper copy. They anticipated this change would save a huge amount of money on postal expenses and I agreed with their new terms.

I get a lot of e-mail each day. Not because I’m popular or important, but because I get junk mail. Every few years, I switch e-mail addresses but without fail, the junk still comes. Because of this, my junk mail settings are stringent. I glance through the junk mail box and catch a non-junk piece or two but it’s not a fool proof method.

I printed my tax receipt from the charitable organization and realized I had missed three months of payments. Not consecutively, just random months were missing. When I checked my junk mailbox for one of the months, the bold reminder e-mail was still unread. Apparently some months make it through, while others don’t.

I made up the missing payments and set a reminder on my calendar but I can’t help but wonder if I’m not the only one whose charitable giving was lessened on the new e-mail system. Those three missed payments would have covered nearly two decades in postage fees to mail the paper copy to me. Fortunately I caught it and 2011 will be a more reliable year of payments from me but has anyone else experienced the same problem? Or is it just me demonstrating, yet again, that I am perhaps the least tech savvy person on the planet?