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Nothing but Drama AND I Started My New Job


I’m on vacation!  No, not really.  But I am sitting in a hotel all by myself, looking forward to three whole nights ALONE!  The kids are all situated at home with friend’s families and neighbor’s watching them, and I am here hours away training this week for my new part time job.  It’s a little bit like heaven after the last 96 hours of trauma and panic.

It has been a REALLY hard New Years in our house.  As I sat down to a quiet night Saturday, anticipating starting my new job, I was excited at having gotten paid from an odd job and having just a little bit of breathing room for a little while financially.  And then disaster struck!

I wrote about it on my personal blog so I won’t revisit it here: God, You’ve Got to because I Can’t

Needless to say, it has all worked out, well kind of since then, and I am sitting in peace in my very own hotel room.  The overwhelming amount of joy I feel at just this little bit of down time is wondrous.

So where are we at with our debt payoff journey…still dead in the water unfortunately.  I have managed by taking on odd jobs, blessings by friends and strangers and the adoption assistance not to sink any further into debt and to stay on top of my bills.  I am continuing to look for additional part time jobs and full time corporate jobs, but the holidays were really silent.  I’m hopeful I will start to hear back from the dozens of applications in the next few weeks.

So another list of quick updates on everything else:

  1. Sea Cadet, in addition to breaking his pink on Saturday night, lost his job when they unexpectedly and with no warning at all closed down.  But thank God, he got a call from History Buff’s job while we were waiting to be see in the ER and was offered a job.  He’s also decided to quit Sea Cadet’s this year…
  2. History Buff will get his driver’s license next week (assuming he passes his test) and is prepared to pay his own insurance which from the quotes we’ve gotten will be $72 per month.  He and I are pretty excited about this, but it will be a few weeks at least before it will really take the burden off me while he gets some experience before I will let others ride in the car with him.
  3. Princess is working hard on her high school level classes and continues to be committed to graduating early.  She’s also playing basketball, and if the option arises she wants to play for the local public school next year.  I’ve got to get meetings with them to see if that’s an option.
  4. Gymnast is starting to soar at school.  I think I’ve told you before that he has really struggled in school especially with reading and writing, but this year and especially these last couple of months, he is really blossoming.  Maybe all this extra time off really has been a blessing!

As you can see, my life has not gotten dull since losing my job.  It’s been full. And now as we start a new school semester, my focus is once again on downsizing to move again at the end of April and continuing to sell any odds and ends as I find them in this process.

I pray your New Year has not been quite so challenging as ours, and that you are looking forward to some great adventures in 2016 as I am…

And the Job Search is On


First week without a job…it’s a very new feeling after 10 years of working 70+ hour work weeks.  I have really been focusing this week of keeping things low key and not going into panic mode.  It’s a very different routine, and I’m not taking it for granted, trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

Over the last few weeks, I have been knee deep in the job search primarily focusing on returning to the corporate world and with the possibility of moving.  I’ve had four first interviews and received one rejection email.  Things have certainly changed since the last time I looked for a corporate job!

I have been very blessed by a particular reader on this blog and I wanted to take a moment to publicly acknowledge that and thank her…

Faye from LeapofFaye.com reached out to me and offered to take a look at my resume and give me some feedback.  And I’ve got to say, WOW!  She completely re-did my resume and gave me some awesome advice on marketing myself…it was SO needed and I attribute her guidance to the interviews I’ve landed thus far.  And frankly, after 10 years out of the job market…things have certainly changed.  So I really want to thank her for reaching out and giving me a great push in the right direction as I tackle this transition in my life!  Here’s a little bit about her…

Faye is an almost-40-something mother of two (with a third on the way!) who has recently left her high powered 20+ year career in the financial services industry to pursue her passion of writing and spend more time with family – you can follow her experiences in making the leap to self-employment, adventures in parenting, and all her other favorite topics. Check out her site at LeapofFaye.com

So this afternoon, I have a second interview for a part time job that I’m pretty excited about. It will allow me to continue to work from home, have flexible hours and seems like a pretty cool gig. It won’t pay the bills, but would be money coming in, and I’m sure you know, every bit helps!

I continue to look at jobs and have expanded my search area to pretty much Anywhere, USA. I would love to go overseas, but not sure the kids would handle that well at this point.