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Unique Wedding Gift Suggestion


I had to share that I’ve heard about a new approach to couples gift suggestions for their weddings.  I posted about registries and such a few months back and while this topic doesn’t evoke a whole lot of emotion from me…this one DID make me laugh.  A friend received a wedding invite that advised, ON the invite, that in lieu of gifts the couple ask that guests donate to their paypal account!  I’ll give them points for boldness on that one because I can’t imagine providing deposit instructions to my paypal account!

On a totally unrelated note, the owner of the house I’m renting called today. He kindly extended an open ended “if you need more time moving out we are TOTALLY open to that!” offer.  I’m sure you are!  Kinda scary saying goodbye to my consistent $1795 in rent, isn’t it?  There have been all of 5 showings since February 8.  They were asking entirely too much at $259K with all that needs to be done.   They lowered the price to $248,500 today.   As crazy as my life is I am thankful to not have a mortgage at this moment.

I’m looking forward to my numbers update!  Kicking some debt a** this month!  🙂



Additional update…


Right after my last post I got a call from the leasing agent with the management company.  She seemed irritated that she found out from the owner’s agent that I was moving out.  I explained to her that I had not yet agreed to move out before the contract termination date of September 24, 2013 but that I was not interested in buying the house.  She wanted to be sure to remind me that I do not have to agree to showings on the house until the last 30 days of the lease.  She then advised that the owner’s real estate agent asked for my number so that she could set up a time to come take a look at the house to determine what needs to be done to get it on the market.

I then received a text from the owner saying April 30 could be the new exit date.  Showings would begin March 1.  I responded I needed to think about it and I’d be back in touch.

I’ve spent a lot of time today doing research and while the rental pickings are very slim if I want to keep the kids in their schools, I am encouraged by the money I will be saving!  As a reminder I currently pay $1795 in rent.  I have two options right now that I plan to look at tomorrow.  One is a rental house for $1,250.  It’s roomy with 3 bdrm/2 bath and 2,600 square feet.  That is a lot of house but it’s a very good area and a decent price.  It would be a $1,250 deposit and another $500 for the two dogs (and yes, I have given thought to the fact that I have two dogs and don’t need two dogs and could emotionally handle adopting one of the two out but for now I am planning on both of them moving with us–otherwise I feel irresponsible and like the grinch). The other option is a 2 bdrm, 2 bath apartment.  The rent is $1050, $500 for the pets but both are permitted and there’s a $49 deposit special going on right now.  The kids would have to share a room but that doesn’t give me much heartburn.  And DD still likes to come hang out with mom anyway. 

Right now I am leaning toward the apartment.  We’ll see how things look when I visit tomorrow.  The other thought starting to gain momentum in the back of my head is to sell my bedroom furniture and my too large breakfast room table for 8.  The bedroom furniture and that table will not fit in an apartment or a smaller house and I simply want to downsize my life!  I won’t rush out to list anything on craigslist but I’m definitely thinking!!!

I really can’t believe all of this is unfolding now and in this way.  I’m doing okay with it all but truly amazed.  I’ll take it as a helping hand from the universe to get me out of too much house and, hopefully, too much debt!