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The Nuts and Bolts


So in addition to my debt, the other key factor on this journey is my monthly budget…

Personal Business
Rent 1325 Phone 180
Groceries 600 Internet 60
Utilities 350 Client Expenditures 10
Life Ins 50 Dropbox 10
Auto/Rent Ins 150
Piano 140
Guitar 150 Total Business Costs 260
Kids Allowance 235
Gymnastics Monthly Variances
Busch Gardens 65 Car Expenses 300
Netflix 11 Kids Activities 100
Tae Kwon Do Kids School 175
Landscaping 60
Total Personal 3076 Total Variance 635

*Where there is no amount on that line item means that I have bartered services for these services. I do work in exchange. I started this four years ago and have since tried to find bartered situations as often as possible, especially for kid activities as they tend to add up quickly.

My required debt payments look like this:

Student Loans 221
Car Payment 700
Line of Credit 218
Retail Card 72
Credit Card 108
Total Debt Payment 1211

*You’ll notice that not all my debt is listed here. Several of my debtors, for the moment do not require a minimum payments.

So to save you from doing the math, this is what I am currently looking at on a monthly basis:

Total Personal 3811
Total Business Costs 260
Total Debt Payment 1319
Total Monthly Costs 5390