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Christmas Spending…


OK, OK. I caved.

I’m Christmas shopping this year.

We took a two year hiatus and as silly as it sounds, one of my favorite parts of Christmas is time spent wandering around the outdoor mall on a Saturday night looking for a sweater or a warm pair of socks for my husband. I love the smell of the giant decorated trees. I love the carolers singing in their early 1900’s garb. I love it all.

We aren’t going overboard. We aren’t buying gifts for his second cousin twice removed or my great aunt on my dad’s cousin’s side. But there will be a gift under the tree with a fat name tag that says ‘CHRIS’.

Dave Ramsey will simply have to forgive me.

Are you celebrating this year? Or am I by myself on this?

No Dining Out – Week 4.5…


My husband I and drove to my parent’s house yesterday for dinner. My sister decided to cook homemade french fries to serve with bbq chicken.

I haven’t had french fries since we went on our no dining out hiatus – or any fried food for that matter. I’m terrified of burning myself so I eat a lot of salad and oven baked chicken.

I was in the living room playing with my nieces and nephews when I smelled the intoxicating goodness of hot oil. I ran to the kitchen and on the stove was a cookie sheet loaded with hot fresh french fries.

Oh how I miss french fries. I don’t eat them much but going 30 days without them… well… I miss ‘em.

Thanks to my sister for dishing up the unhealthiest food known to man.

So how is the hiatus going? Um… good?