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5 Money Management Tips You Haven’t Thought Of


Many people find managing their finances to be a challenging endeavor. The good news is that you can always use methods to improve your financial situation, regardless of whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or attempting to save for the future. This article will discuss five money management tips you may not have thought of before. Let’s dive right in!

1. Buy Local and Organic

Many individuals pick the least expensive option when purchasing food. However, these foods are inorganic and quite unhealthy. Therefore, investing in locally grown and organic vegetables is a wise financial decision. In addition to boosting your community’s economy, buying locally grown food also helps the environment by lowering transportation’s carbon footprint.

Also, buying organic food over time can save you money. Although organic produce may initially cost more, it is frequently more nutrient-dense, so you may feel fuller after eating it and need to make fewer purchases altogether. In any case, inorganic food isn’t cheap. According to a USDA report, US producers spent nearly $9 billion in 2012 on agrochemical expenditures. Also, purchasing organic food can reduce the consumption of dangerous chemicals, safeguarding your health.

2. Consider Hiring a Probate Lawyer

Many disregard the advantages of hiring a probate lawyer regarding estate planning. A probate lawyer can help your family keep track of assets you have on your estate, their value, and whether or not selling them would result in tax liabilities. Otherwise, family disagreement and poor administration could see the estate you worked for all your life go down the drain.

3. Choose a Diesel Vehicle

There are fewer diesel cars on the road today than gasoline-powered cars, but diesel cars can offer significant long-term savings. The US Department of Energy estimates that diesel fuel has 10% to 15% more energy than gasoline. Hence, diesel vehicles may frequently travel 20% to 35% farther on a gallon of fuel than their gasoline-powered counterparts. Additionally, diesel engines typically use less fuel than gasoline engines, so you’ll save money on gas over time. Though diesel cars may cost more upfront, they are a prudent investment for people who drive frequently or wish to save on gasoline in the long run.

4. Take Advantage of Cashback Rewards

Credit cards frequently offer cashback benefits for certain expenditures like groceries or gas. You can get cash back on purchases you make by using a credit card with cashback benefits. However, it’s imperative that you use credit cards responsibly and only make purchases you can afford to pay back each month. The interest fees associated with carrying a load on your credit card might quickly cancel out any cashback rewards you receive.

5. Use a Budgeting App

Many people make a budget at the beginning of the year, but sticking to it all year can be challenging. Tracking your spending and focusing on your financial objectives might be made simpler by using a budgeting app. You can track your spending, set savings goals, and monitor your progress with budgeting apps such as Mint and YNAB. You become more aware of where your money is going and make future financial decisions that are more informed by utilizing a budgeting app.

It is challenging to manage your money, but there are always ways to improve it. You can save money and achieve your financial goals by shopping locally and organically, hiring a probate attorney, driving a diesel vehicle, utilizing cashback rewards, and using a budgeting app. These tips may not be the most obvious or commonly discussed, but they can significantly impact your finances over time. Take control of your finances by incorporating these strategies into your financial management plan.

Reflection: Four Years Ago Life Was Pretty Crazy


I’ve spent some time reflecting recently – I always do this in the springtime. Generally, I take a little time out of each day and journal some of my thoughts/feelings. I consider how far we’ve come (myself personally and us as a family).

Our lives as a married couple started four years ago. We got married on March 18, 2019, and promptly moved to Atlanta from Charlotte four days later. At the time, my husband had got what seemed like the job offer of a lifetime. So, we canceled our larger wedding plans, got hitched at the courthouse, and moved within two weeks’ time.

When we made the decision to move to Atlanta, we both thought it would be a positive change. However, when we arrived there, we discovered it was anything but that. Not only was my hubby’s dream job not what it seemed to be, but we were also close to being homeless again as soon as we got there. Here’s how it all unfolded…

Discovering The Scam

Before making the decision to move to Atlanta, my husband and I went down to scope out the area. Plus, he would be in charge of running a Porsche shop there. He had to sit down for an interview and get to know more about his responsibilities. Over the weekend that we visited, we both felt like this would be a great opportunity for him. Both of us were also excited to live in a new city too (we’ve always had the travel bug).

After getting back to Charlotte, we told our family and friends that we’d decided to make the move. We set a date for our quick wedding and made our plans to leave.

We were in Atlanta for less than a month when things started going wrong. It was clear that there was something amiss at the shop my husband had been put in charge of. His paychecks were irregular, if they came at all. Eventually, customers started coming to the store asking about the owner and accusing him of stealing their expensive cars.

As it turns out, that is exactly what happened. The owner stole these Porsches, put them on a boat, and sent them to Germany – where he was. He had no intention of coming back and things were going down hill quickly. On top of that, we were staying in his home (as part of my husband’s pay).

When the mail came, we were getting foreclosure notices, along with a lot of other worrisome details. So, I decided to do some background checks on the employer. He was an international criminal and we were stuck living in his home, my husband working for him. At the time, we didn’t have any connections in Atlanta. It was just the two of us. And it was beyond stressful.

One of my husband’s clients came in and they were talking. As it turned out, he had a studio apartment available to rent. We worked it out to at least get out of the owner’s house. However, we were paying $1,300 per month for a 450-square-foot apartment that had bed bugs, outdated appliances, and plumbing problems.

Better than being homeless though!

And Then COVID Happened

My husband found another job in the area and we started making a life for ourselves in Atlanta. We made a few friends and life was improving. As you know, about a year after we got married and moved there, COVID turned the world upside down.

COVID selfie

In Atlanta, COVID restrictions were difficult. Then, the summer of 2020 brought a number of riots to the city. My husband’s shop closed down, he was home with me throughout the day. Things were difficult. In fall of that year, my family in NC needed some help, which had us traveling back and forth to Charlotte a bit.

After some consideration, we both decided moving back closer to home would be a good decision. My mom offered to help with moving costs and that was that. We were back in North Carolina by December 1. Luckily, too, because we found out one month later that we were expecting our first child.

Four Years Later

Things have drastically changed in the last four years. My husband now works from home full-time. We work alongside each other for two very different companies – and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s great having him home throughout the day and he has a much more fulfilling career. We don’t have to scrape change to buy the things we need and we are making progress towards our goals all the time. It took a lot of hard work to get here, but I couldn’t be happier with how far we’ve come.

All of this to say, if you are standing in the middle of the hellfire that can be life sometimes, hold on. Things can and will get better, especially if you put in the work.

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