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Produce Co-op Fail


But not for any reason at all for what produce I eventually did get! Instead for the comedy of errors that the adventure became! The instructions said that pick up began at 7:15 and lasted only 20 minutes. My 12-year-old son had a UIL competition at 8 am only about 15 minutes from the produce pick up spot. Sounded like the timing was going to be perfect! So we left at 645 am just to be safe–it was very foggy and misty here this morning–and then the adventure began. We got about a mile from the house and realized that someone took the reusable grocery bags I had put in the van for the produce pick up OUT of the van. Why is it that someone decides to be helpful the one time it is not helpful? 😉  So we turned around and got the bags from the house and hit the road again.  I was going to an area that I am not very familiar with and my sense of direction is a hazard to myself, loved ones and those around me on the roads.  I had my son in charge of GPS on my phone and as he was reading streets to me none of them sounded familiar.   We drove about a mile trying to figure out why it was giving us road numbers that were not in our city…that’s when we realized the “public transit” button was activated so we were getting bus numbers…not road numbers.  Problem corrected and we continue on…now side note…my girlfriend was going to pick up the produce to begin with but since I had to be up so early to get my son to the UIL meet, I figured it would be easy for me to handle.  I should remember that rarely are the easy things easy.

After a couple of u-turns and a total of more miles than necessary, we found the location.  We knew it was the location b/c there were cars parked everywhere and then…a line that was definitely at least 30 minutes and I only had about 20 to give!  It was not nearly as organized as I expected it to be and I can see that there is a shortage of volunteers.  If we contiue with this we will definitely have to sign up to help.  So as I am watching the clock and my already nervous son becomes more nervous, I had to bail.  While the priority was certainly getting him to the school…I will share that once again all of you popped into my head!  I did NOT want to have to report that I just threw $20 in the trash AND the $20 of my girlfriend in the trash!  I could hear your collective groan!

But I knew I had to get my son where he needed to be.  As it turned out I was just completely wrong about where I was taking him to begin with and as I made my way to the school I thought was the correct location he corrected me…this added about 10 minutes to the drive but thankfully…I got him there with 15 to spare.  Now it was decision time…do I go back to see if they are still at the produce distribution site?!  I DID think about the gas I was using (progress) and DID hesitate to now drive 10 or 15 miles back…but I also hated the thought of just giving up.

So away I went!  That’s when I heard from my co-conspirator on this grand produce idea by telephone.  The produce police HAD BEEN looking for me and I better just turn right around b/c they were leaving and that was that.  Oh!  I was SO disappointed!  While we chatted she had a call interrupt ours and sure enough…it was last chance Produce Paula grumbling to my friend that she would wait for me if I was nearby!  I was nearby having JUST entered the turnaround to head back to my house.  So I quickly ducked into a parking lot in an attempt to get back to the main street that goes toward the produce place instead of making a complete, near 1.5 mile turnaround by having to go up to the next exit!  Easy enough, right?  Wrong.  I chose a parking lot to a NEW GIGANTIC HEB PLUS and then got trapped in a maze of detours!  Finally finding my way to an exit back on the access road I am slowing down to yield and someone turns in, stops and proceeds to roll down their window asking me for directions!!!   Uh…really? Because I look like I know what I am doing?  “Don’t go that way!” I said pointing to the store parking lot!  What a fiasco.  So I am forced to turn right….make my way ALL the way down the access road, hit the turnaround, change my direction back toward the produce place and what is my thought?

“The readers are going to say I am using too much gas on this adventure for $20 worth of produce!!!”

I knew I was at that point but was SO close to success I couldn’t stop now!  I round the corner coming up on the 5 volunteers all waiting for me and all not looking very pleased to be doing so!  I exited my vehicle profusely apologizing trying to outline my insane morning and no one was amused.  I proceeded to receive a lecture of sorts from Produce Polly and yes, it was well deserved.  Those ladies DO work hard and get up very early and should not have to wait for a maniac like me to get my act together and pick up produce.

I am happy to report that I LOVE what my produce collection came with though!  We got lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, aspargus, green beans, yellow onions, garlic, cilantro, poblano and anaheim peppers, a spaghetti squash, the pineapples, green onions, key limes, apples and other things I can’t remember right now.  AND hubby made migas (okay y’all are going to think all we eat is some version of a taco every day and…you  might be right) and I made a yummy salsa with the peppers, onion and tomatillos.  🙂  Not bad after that exhausting journey to get produce!  I’ll give it another try now that I understand what I am doing and most importantly I won’t have somewhere else to be after pick up!!!


Extreme Couponing…


Ok, ok, you KNEW I was going to bring up the new TLC show ‘Extreme Couponing’ eventually.

If you’ve seen the show, you know it’s about men and women who spend a good portion of their lives clipping coupons and purchasing crap… *cough*… I mean, purchasing ‘stuff’ and ‘saving huge amounts of money’ while doing it.

I was excited to watch the show somehow thinking it would be informative and help me in my own shopping endeavors.

The only thing the show ‘informed’ me was that these people are nuts and I’ve got a pretty good handle on my sanity comparatively.

This week, I watched the episode with Missy, who spends 35 hours per week couponing. According to her, she saved $60,000 in one year. Um… I DON’T SPEND $60,000 ON GROCERIES IN ONE YEAR!! I spend about 5% of that. Theoretically, I saved $57,000 by not buying junk I didn’t need… and I don’t have to stockpile. Plus, let’s not forget to mention that I spend 40 hours per week working and made real money – not fake ‘saved’ money. The math doesn’t add up for these couponers.

In the episode, she purchased 54 bottles of laundry detergent. She also purchased hundreds of bags of cat treats…and she doesn’t own a cat. Who needs 54 bottles of detergent?!? Or 93 bags of croutons? Or cat treats without a cat? Unless that detergent can double as salad dressing and the cat treats as a weird form of bacon bits, I see a disconnect here.

Admittedly, I keep around 5 containers of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, and hair gel at any given time. I wait for a three or four dollar coupon, combine it with a sale, and buy a couple at a time. I never pay for these items. But do I keep a collection of several thousand bottles in my organized garage that I couldn’t use in 15 lifetimes? Not even close.

Let’s just call ‘Extreme Couponing’ what is really is…

Organized hoarding.