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Hiding Money…


I was paid $100 for some accounting work I was able to do at night. Rather than deposit the funds, I decided to set it aside as grocery money. I try not to keep money in our house since I’m terrified of thieves and think that somehow they will know I’m stashing cash.

I asked my husband where I should hide the money and he looked at me quizzically.

‘Hide it? It’s one hundred bucks, not the Hope Diamond honey. Just put it on the desk’ he said.

‘No!’ I screamed. ‘Can you hide it in a DVD?’ I begged.

‘Sure’ he laughed (sadly, I’m used to him laughing at me).

A few minutes later I asked him which DVD he put the money in. ‘From Justin to Kelly – because no one on God’s green earth would steal that film’ he said.

Gee hon… thanks.

It’s funny how my views about money have continued to change over the last year. Last summer, I would have spent that $100 on a date night or a cute pair of shoes. Now, I can stretch that same $100 into two or three weeks of groceries.

At this time in my life, that $100 IS the Hope Diamond.