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Does Everything Come in 3s, Part III


It’s been several days since my dryer went out and my client decided not to pay and thankfully, no other tragedy has hit. But when I look back at the week, I decided that we did in fact get hit by a 3rd tragedy…both of the twins cars stopped working last week, literally the day before they moved out.

Now thankfully, Sea Cadet’s seems to be a easily fixable issue after a mechanic friend made a house call to take a look. And it is something he can do himself…if he will prioritize the time.

We are not so sure on History Buff’s…and again, he is going to have to prioritize taking the time to look into it and putting some money into it.

I was very grateful when a friend of theirs showed up with his truck to help move their big stuff last week. They are now completely moved out and we are beginning the process of deep cleaning and rearranging the house again.

In the meantime, both of their vehicles are parked at my house. Princess and I have taken turns getting them to classes, work and home. But I’ve let them know that they are going to need to spend some time and money on their cars as I cannot be a car service. They did take one of our two bikes so that might help. (They both work within 3-5 miles of their new apartment, so not insurmountable.)

In light of the car issues, I did go ahead and buy their first groceries along with a few necessities including a microwave. All their needs are taken care of with the move…

But I’m hopeful that now that 3 tragedies have struck our family in the last week, we can all recuperate and get back to some normalcy.

Update: As I was finishing this post up, Sea Cadet called and asked if I would come get him so he could work on his car. Yeah! Praying he is able to get it fixed today.



The Impact of Change on Money


We’ve been on the road for a while and, as expected, it threw everything into upheaval.  Physically, I slowed down.  I stopped running. Some days the temperature dipped into the 20’s and my California skin is much too thin.  I don’t even own a jacket warm enough.  My diet was destroyed.  I regularly eat healthy and I don’t drink alcohol more than 2 days per week.  Travelling has meant more unhealthy convenience foods on the road.  Generally, when we camp, we eat hot dogs and smores.  I have beer.  It’s a rare treat and I enjoy it.  The problem is, every day is ‘camping’ and I need to establish new eating and exercising habits.  It’s not that I don’t know how, it’s just… I’ve been lazy.


How’s the budget?  Let’s just say it’s pandemic level mess.  We’ve travelled more than we thought which means a lot of gas.  It also means we are stopping for oil changes and truck maintenance.  At home we rarely drive so this isn’t a budgeted expense.  We also have been getting a lot of food lately.  Expensive food.  There are local dairies and meat markets.  Yes, they are more expensive than the local grocery store but the food is absolutely amazing.  I’ve never tasted cheese this good. Don’t even get me started on the great local beers.  In the moment, I justify the spending saying I’m supporting small, local businesses who are struggling in a pandemic but the reality is, I can’t afford it as often as I’ve been getting it.


There’s also a lot of random spending.  One of the local dairies offered to spend a couple hours showing us around the farm for $50.  The kids got to spend nearly an hour petting calves.  They learned how cows are milked, how alfalfa is grown, and all about making cheese.  They got to climb all over tractors.  Did we really need to spend $50 on that??  No!  But my kids learned first hand that milk doesn’t show up magically at the grocery store and they have a new respect for the hard work that goes into that.


I have to train myself that this isn’t a vacation.  This is our life for the next few months.  Spending, eating, and exercising all need to be managed.  We’re headed home in a few weeks to tie up a few things.  We’ll be home for a bit and then we will hit the road again.  If we keep spending like we’ve been spending, we won’t have enough saved to make it through the next trip so it’s vital we get it under control this week.


Change is always difficult for me.  Responding more quickly these days is important.