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Garage Sale Time


With my job, part time job, school starting, part time foster kids and getting ready to move…not to mention regularly scheduled kids’ activities our lives are humming right along.  And before I know it we will be packing up a truck to move just a few miles away.

That being said, I’ve scheduled our IT’s DONE DAY otherwise known as Garage Sale day.  My goal with this is to inspire us to continue working through things a steady if not rushed pace.  We are making every other day trips to local thrift stores to drop things off, the garage is full of things listed for sale or being held for the garage sale and our home is getting more organized by the day.  I’m loving it!

So my IT’s DONE DAY is to be the final day of our purge.  By that time, we should have gone through every room, every cupboard, every box, every closet and divided things into four groups…1) goes to the apartment, 2) goes to the trash, 3) goes to donation (and is in the back of the car) and finally 4) for the garage sale.    At the end of IT’s DONE DAY, we will have had our garage sale, and had a donation truck come pick up everything that did not sale.  The only items remaining in our home will be 1) the things going to the apartment and 2) the appliances that we need to continue to use until we move ie: refrigerator, washer, dryer, lawn equipment.

I’m pretty proud of my plan…here’s the schedule for the remainder of these two weeks (I’m typing this up on Sunday so I’ll have already gotten through some of this:)

TuesdayGymnast' Room including closet
WednesdayPrincess' Room
ThursdayCoat, Game and Linen Closets
Friday*/Saturday/SundayMy Room
MondayPrincess' Closet
TuesdayBathrooms and Misc
ThursdayWalk thru house, check all cabinets, closets and cupboards
FridayGet ready for sale tomorrow!

*The asterisks represent a goal to get to the thrift store that day for donations.  Because I have so much else going on, it’s important I put these on my calendar so I make sure they happen, otherwise our car will be full of donations and nowhere to sit!

I have to admit I HATE garage sales, I never feel like they are worth the effort.  And when I mean hate, I mean, like on my top 10 things I do not want to do.  But I am hoping since we have so much furniture that must go we can actually see some benefits from this one.  I know this has been written about before, but if you have any hints for easy garage set up or making your garage sale a success I’ll take it!  The little ones have already started working on their sigh for a lemonade stand and the twins are setting their stuff aside that they think they can make some money off of…this is a family affair!

The Queen of Versailles


I love documentaries. I don’t watch much television but when I do it’s usually a documentary. Well, that isn’t entirely true. I do love me some Big Bang Theory!  Anyway,  I watched The Queen of Versailles this week and loved it!  It’s on Netflix.  What a story!  What a way to find motivation to get rid of even more stuff!  Have you seen this show?  The excess!  The black hole of empty these people are trying to fill!  The lack of a conscience!  Wow. The whole thing blew me away and had me saying aloud (with no one else in the room but the dogs) “Is this real??” I felt profound sadness for these people in spite of the evidence of greed in their world.  It wasn’t all greed as the documentary showed some sides of charity and concern for their employees but the excess!  Wow!

And as I fell asleep it made me think about how we can all so easily be little versions of this craziness.  I’ve been talking a lot about downsizing in recent weeks and just like my food journey–I feel the change really taking root and taking hold.  I’m happy about that.  It feels great! 

To address a couple of questions about my upcoming move:  Yes, I will move car load of things that will lower my moving cost a bit, but the real reason is there are just those items that I prefer to move myself.  I never got an answer to my garage sale question from the HOA and haven’t had a chance to follow up on it but I imagine I’ll still have some things I can sell.  We move on Easter weekend though so I don’t know if that would be a good or bad weekend for a sale.  Maybe I can be ready the week before.  I have been doing a little each day and the downstairs is completely packed.  We have one cabinet of stuff in the kitchen but otherwise all of the boxes are packed!  I’ll tackle the upstairs this weekend although that should be light b/c we underwent major clean out upon my ex’s move out.

I’m still excited about the move and all of the upcoming changes!  Thanks for hanging in there with me and the kids along the way!