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Time for Round Two – Girls’ Night


Five years ago, we began Guys’ Nights with the twins. They invited all their guy friends over for the night once a quarter. And they stayed up all night playing video games, eating junk food and having a good time. The last one took place during their junior year of high school while we were living in the apartment.

It began due to the restrictions of being foster kids. But it continued because it was a great way for me to get to know their friends and know that they were having good, clean fun. It was a cheap way to give the twins’ a positive social life. And those Guys’ Nights were epic.

Now we find ourselves in a similar situation.

New Friends, New Town = Girls’ Night

Princess has really begun to come out of her shell, making friends, the whole teenage girl thing. But in a small town, most everyone here grew up together. They are all related or feel like they are related. We are kind of like ducks out of water. And I’m still the same over-protective parent.

We hosted our first Girls’ Night this weekend. Five girls, five face masks ($1.37/each,) one giant tub of cookie dough from Sams Club ($8.95) and a couple of pizzas ($7.99/each.) It was a blast. And let me tell you, a girls all-nighter is very different than a guys!

The total cost for the night was minimal. The fun was priceless!

Challenge Issued

And after they had baked cookies, taken dozens of pictures and written a play…I issued my Summer Challenge. The girls jumped at it! Immediately talking about their skills and what they could produce.

Several of them asked me to speak with their parents about it. I’m so excited. This gives me more motivation to keep building my training modules for a young entrepreneur’s program.

Princess has been given the liberty to have her friends over every Saturday when Gymnast spends the night. I am still working on how I will manage our summer schedule.

Work or Pleasure


In sticking with the spirit of this morning’s post of feeling overwhelmed, I have determined that I need to give myself a break. On the way to gymnastics practice this week my son was mad at me for making him leave playing with the neighborhood boys to go to practice and he angrily spit out at me “Do you want me to just work all the time? Don’t you want me to have fun?” Now as a logical adult I see the ridiculousness of that statement…he goes to practice 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. With our summer schedule, he is pretty much free any time he likes to play. The math states that the choice between working all the time and playing is not an accurate assessment.
However, as a parent, I recognize that even just a few short hours feels like an eternity, especially when playmates are involved. I responded to him that he had chosen to join a competitive team and as a result he was committed to practicing for both himself and his teammates, and that if he ever chose that this was not what he wanted to do, I would support it, but he could not be wishy washy, he’s either on the team or not on the team. I’m not sure he followed my words in total but I think he got the point and did come out of practice that night smiling.
The conversation has brought up multiple thoughts on my own work life and how I am so blessed to love the work I do. Having worked jobs out of necessity for most of my life and then working as I do now not just out of necessity but because I truly love what I do has made a big difference in my quality of life.
With that being said though, I find myself ALWAYS working. When the kids were little, I hired a sitter once a week to give me a break. I felt silly having a sitter here and not going to do something so I would get out and go to a movie or dinner or something. Now that I no longer need a sitter, I don’t do that, and I think between My Cluttered Life and this fact, I am floundering. So my question is…what are something I can do as an adult, single woman that don’t cost money that will give me the “break” I need from both work and my kids. (I do not drink and I have absolutely no interest in dating.) Everything I think of…well, costs money, and I look forward to when I am debt free.