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Names and Debt…


My husband has a very common first name. Paired with his somewhat common last name, it’s fairly easy to confuse him with another person on paper. Over the last year, it has started to cause problems.

I’ve mentioned before, there is a person with my husband’s name who has awful credit and is in collections on multiple accounts. We live less than 15 miles from each other.

Lazy collections companies do searches based on first and last name and proximity to the last known address resulting in…

My husband getting A LOT of collection calls lately.

He has to call each one, straighten out the confusion, and pray they stop calling. Some do. Others don’t. But whenever one stops, another starts.

I thought we were the only ones who suffered from this annoying problem until I shared my annoyance with my dentist. She laughed and said she and her husband had the same problem – they even had to fight a lien against their home!

Based on the sheer annoyance and time spent fighting this never-ending battle, we’ve decided to name our child 457983. That way, our kid won’t have annoying collections calls that don’t belong. Sure, they may struggle through elementary school but they’ll thank me later.

Is it just us? Or do you have the same problem?