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Every Single Time I Go to Spend Money


I have BIG goals this year. Big goals for my money, big goals for my business and big goals personally.

But I’m also really struggling emotionally with this jump back into corporate. And I know a lot of it is in my head. However, there have already been a couple of days where I questioned this decision. It’s not what I was told during the interview/wooing process. The red tape and restrictions are insane. The processes and procedures are inefficient and frankly super frustrating.

Seriously, there are people in charge and restricting technology access who have no idea how to use the technology. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m just not used to it. And it’s been really hard.

With that being said, I am taking advice of my boyfriend to just work on staying in my lane. Something, I am admittedly not good at. It’s just a different world then working with the decision maker and coming in as the expert.


Seeking Comfort

With that being said, I have definitely sought comfort or been tempted to find comfort in “not so wise” decisions – eating, shopping, and most of all, avoiding things. None healthy or the right way to handle this.

I’m starting to use a couple of mantras I found online…

  • Do I want this more than XYZ?
  • Do I want this if it means I need to work out an extra day?
  • Just get it over with and then you can XYZ!

These have helped. (I did find a little treat for myself though, just discovered $39ish dollars in Amazon rewards that can only be spent on Amazon, so the next time the urge hits, I can give in a little bit and buy something.)

And I am committed to sticking to this, working through the hard and the change BECAUSE I have big goals.

Please send me some good vibes as I adapt and learn to bite my tongue and just go with the flow.


2021 – Financial Goal #2


As of today, just now, in fact….The smaller of my two student loans is paid off! It won’t feel real until the payment comes out of my bank and the balance on my student loan interface is updated. But I have officially pressed the button to pay it off.

Time to Save Some Money

Time to start on my next financial goal for 2021. If you revisit my original post, my second goal was to max out my ROTH IRA and several readers suggested that I had until April, 2021 to max out the $6,000 max limit for 2020.

This is my next goal!

I believe I can do this within the next month – 2 pay periods.

And while I had planned to stick to one goal at a time, I am going to simultaneously start on my next goal…paying off my car! Any extra income not required for my monthly budget and to max out my ROTH IRA this next month will go towards my car.

And once maxing out my 2020 ROTH is complete…I will be attacking my car loan with everything I’ve got!

Paying off my car is going to be the highlight of my year! But even better, it is only Goal #3 for the year.

Payroll Deductions

I can’t remember if I’ve written about it, but I elected several additional payroll deductions in addition to my health care and HSA. I doubled my life insurance and elected to put 10% of my income into the company 401K.

During onboarding meetings, I learned that the company contribution (profit share) to the 401K is typically 3% of your salary and that is done once a year. I am not eligible for that until I’ve been with the company for 6 months. So I’m not sure if I will get it this year.


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