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Another Financial Hit…


My husband has to pay his university tuition this week. He doesn’t register for classes for another month and a half and they won’t give him his financial aid until that time but they demand full payment now.

Doesn’t make sense? If there is one thing I understand clearly, it’s that college finance departments make absolutely no sense.

Every year, we request a delay of payment until he receives his financial aid check and every year they turn us down. Then, two months after we pay tuition, the school sends us a reimbursement check for nearly the full amount we paid.

In the past, this hasn’t been a problem. We put the tuition on the credit card and paid it off when his financial aid reimbursement check arrived. Silly me got so ticked off at my credit card a few months ago, I cut it up – shredding my emergency parachute in the process.

So now we’re left in a scramble trying to dig up $3,000. Why weren’t we prepared? I completely and stupidly forgot.

If I empty our spare cash and juggle some payments, I can do $1,900.

I’m looking for stuff to sell. Hubby better watch out. His tools are looking mighty nice about now.