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Work Negotiations…


A few weeks ago, the temp filling in for me while I’m out on leave, called to say she wouldn’t be returning after October 1st. Legally I can take leave until the end of November but I was reluctant to leave my employer in a bind. Usually, I’m not one to take advantage when the cards are in my favor but… I want to be with my son as long and as much as humanly possible soooo… I played my best hand.

I negotiated with the HR department to only work 2 days per week until the end of the year and return to full-time status in January. I asked that my benefits remain the same and I accrue vacation time at the normal rate.

Turns out, I can be quite bossy.

HR approved my request.

I start this week but it’s easier knowing it’s only part-time. Let’s just hope our checkbook can survive!

Investment Advice…


I was reminded again this weekend about the need to invest in an incredibly valuable commodity…

My marriage.

I’ve talked about this investment in the past but haven’t mentioned it in a while.

In the book, The Millionaire Next Door, the author shares the importance of keeping a marriage together. Most millionaires stay married to the same person. A large reason they were able to stay millionaires is because divorce is EXPENSIVE.

Our neighbors announced their upcoming divorce this weekend. Unable to afford the house on their own, they will likely be forced to sell it. I’m sad to lose them as neighbors, and I’m sad at the loss of their marriage.

I know they didn’t wake up yesterday morning and decide they didn’t want to be together anymore. It was a long, slow separation.

No, I’m not stupid. I understand that not all divorces are preventable (and in cases of abuse, they are healthy) but I know I’m guilty of being lazy in my marriage sometimes and neglecting my poor spouse.

So I gave him an extra squeeze, snuggled near him on the couch while I read my book and he watched the sports show he loves so much, and told him how much I really love him.

Financial investments – important. Marriage investment – vital.