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Winning the Financial Fight…


Since this week appears to be photo week…

I was watching my brother’s Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Dozer, last night and was amused to see him play wrestle with my sturdy Boston Terrier, Hutch.

When my brother bought the dog a few weeks ago, Dozer and Hutch were the same size. They would tussle in the backyard and Hutch, skilled in doggie play, would pin Dozer fairly quickly. Last night, things changed…

Dozer put on a good 5 – 10 pounds of solid mass over the last few weeks. Maybe he started doing pushups when no one was looking… or maybe he’s heading to the 120 pound size of his father a little more quickly than we thought.

As they played tug of war over a stuffed dog toy last night, Dozer, who had never ‘won’ before, was able to drag Hutch across the room. His growth had made him far more powerful.

Dozer, surprised at his strength, wagged his little tail with glee.

tug of war

I couldn’t help but relate this to our tug of war with our debt. Our inexperience and lack of strength made us continually lose the battle. As we grow and learn, we win more battles. We make better decisions and become stronger in our strength to spend less-save more. In the end, I want to be Dozer. Sure I lost a lot of ground in my youth… but I’m not young and stupid anymore.

I will win… eventually.

(And for the animal lovers out there – I count myself as one – please note, the dogs play wrestle together. They do not fight or cause injury to each other. They are buddies and sleep in the same bed. Just thought I’d throw that out there)

Saving money while freezing…


It’s been a little on the cold side in California.

No seriously. Stop laughing.

It IS cold to us thin skinned folks. The temperatures have been dipping down to the low 40’s at night. Last night it hovered at 60 degrees… inside our living room.

Yes, I could turn on the heater but since we’re trying to stretch our cash, we simply do without. We had two blankets on the bed but I was still chilled. I tried to snuggle with my husband to stay warm but his coughing kept shaking me awake. And no, I will not admit his cough is from the frosty internal temperature – well, not to his face anyway.

Our dogs have a heated floor in their dog house so they stay more toasty warm than we do. Please don’t tell my husband – he may ask to join them.

I added two more blankets last night and slept well. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I dress myself in three sweaters, a pair of sweatpants, and slippers. Sometimes, while putting on my make-up, I catch a glimpse of my Michelin Man appearance in the mirror and start to giggle.

Sometimes the circumstances of life are just funny.

I’m trying to beat my all time record internal house temperature of 56. Based on our new standard of living and the fact that the coldest month is still yet to come… I think I may just have a chance.

I hope you’re staying warm!