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Another trip to the ER…


On Sundays, my husband and I drive up to hang out with my brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, and grandparents at my parents’ house. We take our dogs since my parents have a large fenced backyard. We’ve never had a problem and our dogs love running around for hours.

Tonight was different.

As we sat relaxing, a loud yelp broke the calm night air and my dog came running to the house making pained noises I have never heard him make.

We thought he had scraped his face on a wood pile but as I sped down the freeway, his face swelling more with each passing minute, my hopes of a simple puncture wound faded. The 30 minute car ride seemed to take hours. His pained whimpering broke my heart.

The vet said my dog had been bit not once, but twice by a rattlesnake and they weren’t sure if he would make it.

I have always said I would never pay more in vet bills than I paid for the animal and have routinely been confused when people spend thousands on dogs.

I am no longer confused.

When they brought me the bill, I was already crying, but when I saw the $2,500 decision, I started sobbing. I had my head in my hands for ten minutes, my mascara streaking down my cheeks. “I can’t do it” I said to my husband, “I can’t make this decision. I’m sorry.”

I appreciate that my husband knows some things are simply too big for me. I get too emotional and fail to think clearly.

He rubbed my back, stood up, and walked to the front desk. Thinking he would ask them to put Hutch down, I couldn’t breathe through my tears.

He came back and calmly started filling out admittance papers and the veterinary financing paperwork.

We took a big debt step back tonight and we won’t even know how big of a step for three days.

By the way – if you are thinking about making comments about how stupid it is (I already know) to take out a $2,500 loan on a dog, could you please wait a few days until I find out whether or not my dog is going to live?

Financial waffling…


I’ve been struggling with my decision to travel to Italy with my family. The cash for the trip is sitting in a separate account but I see the total pop up every time I log in to my online banking. It’s tempting to cancel the trip and pull out the cash to pay off my husband’s truck.

This weekend, I was able to spend time with my grandmother and she asked if I had any big plans for the year. I told her about the Italy trip but mentioned I was considering not going. She said, ‘You HAVE to go’ with more force than I could have expected from an 89 year old woman.

After dinner we sat to talk and she shared a story I had never heard before. My grandmother had always planned to travel with my grandfather. In their youth, work obligations and five children made that dream impossible. She figured they would go when the children were grown and out of the house. My grandfather started to show signs of Alzheimer’s in his forties and by his retirement years the disease had taken over and her dreams of traveling with the man she loved were gone.

‘Don’t ever assume you can go later. Listen to the wisdom of an old lady. Go now.’ She said emphatically.

She gave me the rare chance to look at things through the eyes of my future. When I’m 89, will I look back and say, ‘I wish I hadn’t gone to Italy and had paid off debt 3 months faster instead!’?

I think not.

So, I’m moving forward with my decision to go. Irresponsible? Yes. Will I waffle over the decision for 3 more months? Yup. But…

Will I regret it? No.