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Debtors Anonymous and Debt-Anon: Updated June 2019


Editors note 6/11/2019: Republishing Tricia’s initial work due to the importance of the topic.

In response to my post asking for resources for those who are at odds with their spouse about debt, a reader sent me a link to Debtors Anonymous.

You’ve probably heard of Alcoholics Anonymous and the work it does to try to help people with alcohol problems. Debtors Anonymous works to help you recover from debt.

It holds meetings, most are in larger cities. However, there is a page dedicated to online and telephone meetings. Unfortunately, from what I read, it looks like the numbers are not toll-free.

If you need someone to talk to or a support group for guidance, perhaps there is a resource in there that can help you. For those suffering from problems with debt and their spouses, I didn’t see anything right off-hand that would pertain to you. I contacted the Debtors Anonymous organization and the folks were unaware of any active Debt-Anon groups. However, they mentioned that some people find literature from Al-Anon or Gam-Anon helpful.

I did a quick internet search on Debt-Anon and found Debtors Anonymous group finder page (here). There appears to be a number of active groups through churches, civic associations, and clubs.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled, and report back with any other resources I can find for those who have loved ones affected by debt and overspending.