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Pay Day


After a recent change at my company my husband and I now get paid every Friday.  It is sort of like being in high school again with a weekly paycheck.  I’m thankful for the timing of the change b/c it has helped make this all feel more doable. 

We each get $200 per week out of which we have to pay for groceries for a family of six (I’ve made HUGE strides in grocery spending since the first of the year), gas and anything else we need for the week.  I’m getting pretty good at making it a game for myself–to see how long I can hang on to the full $200.  This little game has already made an impact on decisions.  I was in such a terrible habit of using the debit card and not keeping track of the many swipes.  My goal is to use whatever I have left at the end of the week and pay down debt…even if it is only 10 bucks! 

It has also been a great lesson for the kids.  In this world of debit cards they’ve grown up in seeing cash is somewhat unusual for them.  The 12-year-old hadn’t gone into a gas station to pay cash for a tank of gas before—and that was a great experience for him, the other kids and me!  All of the kids are at a great age to learn from our new spending habits. 

So, it’s Friday night and I still have ten 20 dollar bills in my wallet.  🙂

This party funded by the State of California…


My husband wanted to throw a party at our house to celebrate the fourth of July. We can see two fireworks shows from our backyard and we’ve enjoyed watching them from our home for the last three years.

Problem? I was so anxious to pay down the truck, I didn’t leave any money in our account. Yes, we received two extra paychecks in July but… I but somehow I forgot to budget silly, unimportant things like food and gasoline from those checks.

I was starting to panic until I opened the mail to find a check from the State of California. It has been so long since I submitted my claim to the California unclaimed property division that I completely forgot about it.

I ran to the bank, cashed the check, set aside money for groceries and gasoline, and gave $60 to my husband for Sunday’s event.

I’m not sure how he pulled it off, but he kept his food and bbq supply bill under $60 – which leads me to believe that given a goal, my husband can do pretty much anything.

How was your fourth? Did you stay safe? Did you stay away from ATM machines and credit cards?