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Negotiating with Debt Collectors


It’s been a good month at work. Really good. With that being said, I would like to seeing about negotiating with debt collectors regarding my smaller debts.

While I am still focused on my credit card debt, I would like to revisit the debt I have in collections. I’m planning to make some calls later this week and see if there is any negotiating to be done.

Don’t Pay Debt that is Not Yours

Someone recently asked me who I blamed for my debt. And I joked around saying the universe, my ex-husband and so on. But in the end, my debt is the result of MY DECISIONS. I must own it, all of it.

debt spelled in penniesBut that doesn’t mean, I am going to be responsible for other’s debt. Last week I got a call from American Express. They were asking me to settle a debt with them.

I have never in my life had an American Express card. Thankfully, it seems to have been settled with that one phone call. I received a letter from them acknowledging the error or fraud and that I did not owe them any money.

It was surprisingly simple.

Tips for Dealing with Collection Agencies

I read up on some tips for negotiating these payments. On the debts that are actually mine that is.

Most of the tips were common sense to me, but I learned a few things.

First, I didn’t realize that you could get them to stop calling you. Did you know that?

And while I am still concerned about my credit score, I am much more focused on just being rid of my debt. I found the Credit Warriors site to be very thorough when it comes to collection accounts.

There are lots of legalities when it comes to collection agencies. What they can do? Where they can do it? When they can do it? And how they can do it?

The laws also govern if they can legally attempt to collect on a debt.

Hit me with your personal experience. Tell me any tips you have for getting these debts settled.


Credit Repair – Help Me Find the Best Methods


Last year, without consulting the BAD community, I moved forward with a paid credit repair place to the tune of $400….over a year later and nothing has changed. In fact, it has mostly gotten worse.

$400 down the drain!

Now, I am wiser, I hope, and way more cautious. But I desperately need to make progress on my credit score. With that being said, I have been doing quite a bit of research.  That’s where the Self Lender loan idea came from.  I am looking at 609 letters, goodwill letters, paying things off and so on. But I want to make wise decisions and use my time and efforts wisely.

Credit Warriors

One place I have found particularly helpful, and no, I have not spent a dime, is Credit Warriors. I especially like their Facebook group. It’s good to hear about other’s successes in traveling the path I am just now started. My number one goal is get to my credit score up significantly. And in learning more about it, I want to teach my kids more about it.

So BAD Community, here I am asking for your best tried and true guidance for credit repair: links, first hand stories and so on. I am game to hear it all.

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