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T minus 15 days!


The countdown is on, we will be moving to our “Glamping Adventure” in 15 days.  Our hosts have been AMAZING!  Have you ever just woken up and thought I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, like all the doubt of the challenges has melted away and you just know that where you are is right, for that time.  That’s how I’m feeling these days about this next step.

All the animals have been re-homed, our storage is almost full (complete) and we are charging forth with our last week of school and preparations for moving.  I still have to find a truck to move a few things we can’t move in our car and figure out what to do with the things we hoped to sell but are not moving…donate, I suppose.

We are out of town this weekend, probably not the best financial move since I’m still struggling with being late on two bigger bills, BUT Little Gymnast is headed to Regionals and we are all going to support him.  After this meet, he will officially level up and go from being in the gym 15 hours a week to 20 hours a week.  He loves it!  I’m so grateful for a gym that has allowed me to barter my technology skills for his training, there is no way I could have kept him going otherwise.

So just to give you a glimpse of our new home…here’s a video of Princess and Eugene one our new yard neighbors.

We’ve also learned this week that our hosts have ordered a bunch of hatchlings (400 was the last count I heard) and we are going to get a coop at our place to have our own chickens…can you say dream come true! I wish you could hear the excitement in my voice and see the twinkle in my eye as I look forward to this adventure!

We were out there this week, dropping stuff off and helping out, and Mrs. Host pulled me aside and said this:

Mr. Host asked me how long you were planning to stay and I told him I don’t know, and he wanted me to make sure to tell you, “Stay as long as you like, I don’t care if it’s a few months or a year. Take the time to get on your feet, make yourself at home. You are welcome here.”

Can you even imagine how much that meant to me during this most difficult financial season? I know, I/We are exactly where we are supposed to be right now. And more importantly, that whatever comes next, it will be okay.

Giving to a Cause – Inadvertently


There have been lots of posts about giving to charities and giving back.  This is not a re-hash of those.  This is more of a brag…

This past weekend we drove through the insane winter weather, up to DC for the Flip for the Fight gymnastics meet.  It was the smallest meet that Little Gymnast has participated in, perhaps due to the nasty weather.  But it was SO well run.  We had a blast and Little Gymnast medaled in three events.  One proud mama here!  This was the first year the meet has had a boys component and I certainly hope they do it again!

But really the reason I bring it up is because it was a way for us to give back to such an important cause – breast cancer research, without breaking the bank or going outside of our normally budgeted monies.  You can see on their website that last year alone they were able to give back $15,000 to this research which is so important to women’s (and men’s) health.

So this week, not only did Little Gymnast do what he does, but we proudly supported this event and will do so again in the future if the opportunity arises!

History Buff, Princess and Little Gymnast at one of the many cool photo op locations on site. (Sea Cadet was at his Annual Inspection with his Navy Sea Cadet division.)

History Buff, Princess and Little Gymnast at one of the many cool photo op locations on site. (Sea Cadet was at his Annual Inspection with his Navy Sea Cadet division.)

So Worth It – Kid’s Activities


I know that there were lots of opinions on my kids involvement in different activities and the amount of money I spent on them.  While much of their activities are bartered there are certainly costs associated with them, and the driving alone is a hefty chunk of my time not to mention gas….but I declare that as I/we get more selective, they do pay off.  I have talked alot about my youngest being a competitive gymnast and this past weekend his meet season kicked off.  I did good financially…in the past we have driven up, stayed a couple of nights, done some sightseeing…nope, not this year.  We drove up and home the day of, and here’s what we got to see.

For the record, I have bartered my skills for his monthly tuition. I do have to pay uniform and meet fees along with the gas to get him to practice three times a week and to out of town meets (all of them are out of town except the one we host in December.) This year the meet fees are right around $400 for the whole season…his dad and I split that and it has already been paid.

He spends 12 hours a week in the gym…and these videos show the results of a little over 2 years of training (not counting his missing the majority of last season due to broken hand.) In my book, it’s so worth it!