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Time for a reset?


I went this week and bailed Beauty out of the county jail. Cost $1,995 which she will be paying back. I just could not leave her there. Now we wait for a court date and see what the outcome of all this is. We are tentatively hopeful based on conversations with the investigator, but definitely not out of the woods.

She is moving back home as we await court and we are going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I think Gymnast said it best when she got in the car from jail “Maybe this is God’s way of telling you that you need a reset.”

I am all about a reset for both her and myself!

Then a Car Wreck

Oh and then…Gymnast was run off the road and wrecked his car.

wrecked car

And to top it off, he received three tickets for the wreck. Holy cow!

There was a witness who told the police that the man behind him was driving aggressively, but that didn’t matter. Only my son received any citations.

It doesn’t look like the damage is too extensive. When he ran off the road, it was into an embankment; otherwise, it would have probably been fine. Thank goodness for insurance, but he will have to pay a $1,000 deductible. Thankfully, the insurance company did speak to the witness and marked it as a no fault accident.

We will have to see how court goes for the tickets.

Debt Payoff on Hold

Needless to say, debt payoff has been put on hold as I deal with all the “emergencies” going on in my life including the upcoming job loss.

I feel like I’ve circled back to several years ago when it seems like everything that could go wrong, did.

BUT I am not the same person. And I know something amazing is coming. I will not be deterred.

Best $28 per month – Planet Fitness for the win!


I mentioned in December that I had plans to join a gym starting in January. The same day we returned from New York, I made good on that commitment. I joined Planet Fitness.

And I have been going consistently since. I am so freaking proud of myself.

Even more than that, I have been walking almost daily around a local lake. (This is something I started last fall.) Now it’s super intentional and I’ve gone from walking 3/4 of a mile there daily to a minimum of 2.25 miles and sometimes double that. Several days a week, I am getting 6 miles walked plus weight training.

Apple's Fitness app screenshot

This isn’t completely accurate because unless I’m carrying my phone, I don’t have any way to track my steps. And my treadmill walking doesn’t get picked up either. But I’m really doing this and it’s week 4. Go me for consistency.

Cost of workout

I chose the more expensive Planet Fitness option because I hope to road trip some later this year and use it as I travel to not only workout but shower as I will car camp. And I love the added benefits of the massage chairs at the end of my workout. As the commercial says…it’s like a reward.

The cost is $28 monthly and there is no commitment. For me, at this time in my life, this is an excellent investment. And I am committed to keeping it up.

Towards the end of February I plan to have bloodwork done to see if this significant and consistent change to my activity level helps more with my diabetes, etc.

The biggest benefit though and much needed, is that this regular movement has really helped me stay focused and moving. While I am not back to my old self, it has certainly helped me get through each day more focused than I have been.

I would say that for the first time, maybe ever, I have made a commitment to my physical health and stuck to it. (At least far longer than I ever have before.) And long term, this will surely have some financial implications as far as my health goes. Go me!