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Saving Money With Sim Only Deals


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What are Sim Only Deals?

Sim only deals are mobile plans for which services (minutes, data, texts) are provided without a handset. There are different variations of these deals which offer users unique advantages. These deals may require a monthly payment or a pay as you go method.

Such deals may be used in between contracts while you decide on the next mobile phone contract deal to enter. They may be used to buy you time while you carry out research on the most appropriate contract. They are great for people who don’t have an immediate desire to get a new phone or  who may not want to update credit most of the time. Such deals do not include a phone.

They Offer Flexibility

These types of deals typically do not have a contract. This is a great advantage. Sim only deals offer greater flexibility to phone users. If a user feels like changing their sim due to unforeseen circumstances, they can easily make a change, in contrast to a contract which may require longer-term commitments of use by their user. These types of mobile phone service deals are great for frequent travellers who may not need to use long phone contracts as much.

Users of these plans are not locked into contracts with phones that may stop operating during the period of the contract. They typically offer better value than pay as you go plans and can be relatively cheaper than pay as you go.

Save More Money

With the right mobile provider, you can save money on contract phones which may depreciate with time. A phone acquired through a contract loses its value over the years. Thea relatively cheaper phone may be acquired and sold at a far quicker rate than a contract phone.

There is a smaller pay out fee that users of sim only plans have to attend to in contrast to contracts for the most in-demand phones.

Sim only contracts can be great for individuals who may have issues with their credit rating. They can help individuals who are looking to climb the credit ladder.

Even though this type of deal may be relatively pricier, they offer great cost savings. A common example involves the purchase of an iPhone which if bought directly can be much cheaper than the high costs of a monthly payment plan of £88 or more and £80 for mobile phone data.

More Info About Me


There’s so much to share! We’ll get there with time but after reading some comments today I do want to let everyone know a little bit more about who…and where…I am! I live in the San Antonio, Texas area…so urban to answer that question…even though it IS Texas and many people think that Texas is synonymous with rural. 🙂

My husband and I both work outside the home and make a very good combined income. I don’t know that I am ready to share the number just based on what milk and ramen created in the comments! If some of you see our combined income I really may have to go into hiding for a few weeks while the cyber-tomatoes are thrown at me!!! I’ll get there….I promise.   I am battling through some shame on that front at this time.

Thank you for the cell phone comments and insurance queries b/c these are two areas that I can stand up and say we are getting the best possible deal out there! My husband works for a major telecom company so our cell phones cannot get any cheaper courtesy of his employee discount. Yay! Thanks for the reminder that this is a big area to give thanks in! I tell my hubby that his employer was absolutely in the top 10 reasons I fell in love with him…because I never have to deal with a cell phone customer service rep again! I have horror stories of battling them on billing errors or a malfunctioning phone and I am thrilled that now I can just hand the phone to hubby and not deal with that mess! As for insurance–that’s my industry so we are good on that front too! I don’t sell insurance mind you–I am employed by a major insurance carrier so I am confident in my understanding in this area and confidence creates better decisions, doesn’t it?

That’s it for now–while I can’t respond to each and every post, I am definitely reading them and thought these issues warranted this post!