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My Debt Started With A Candy Bar!


As a freshman in college, there was a table set up in one of the common areas of campus. Sitting at the table were the largest and yummiest looking candy bars displayed ever so nicely. Now, to a hungry freshman right before an hour long lecture in Chemistry – those candy bars looked awefully good.

They weren’t selling them though, – in order to get one you had to sign up for a credit card. Hmmm…get a credit card and get a candy bar? Seemed like a good idea. I signed up, got my king size Milky Way, and off to Chemistry I went.

A few weeks later I got something in the mail. I even forgot about signing up for the credit card. I open it up and I now have $500 that I didn’t have two weeks earlier. I looked at the card, put it in my wallet and realized that I now had alot of money that I could spend.

What a naive freshman I was. Naive about credit cards that is.

And that is the story of how my debt got started with a candy bar.

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My Progress on Becoming Debt-Free


This is where I will keep track my monthly progress on becoming debt-free by month. Please note that this is just my credit card & Prosper loan debt. We have more debt than that, but we decided to tackle the worst debt first. If you’d like to see all of it, feel free to check out my profile on NetWorthIQ.com

Feb 28 = $37,614

Mar 30 = $37,048

Apr 30 = $34,070

May 31 = $31,429

Jun 30 = $31,020

Jul 31 = $29,655

Aug 31 = $28,163

Sep 30 = $26,996

Oct 31 = $25,854

Nov 30 = $25,191

Dec 31 = $24,398

Jan 31 = $23,517

Feb 28 = $22,192

Mar 31 = $21,777

Apr 30 = $21,315