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Hidden Cost of Reducing Debt


It is now 5:53am and I haven’t went to bed yet. I should, because I have to work in a few hours. But I couldn’t. I’ve had something on my mind.

Lately, I have been offered and accepted more work than I should have. I work 40 hours a week as well as another job that is about 6 hours a week. And then I just accepted another job that is sporadic and temporary, but could take up to 20 hours a week. Add on to that the overtime I have been offered at my regular job.

That’s a lot of working. More than I ever really wanted to do.

There comes a time where you have to ask yourself if the quality of your life will diminish while you are working towards your goals. By quality of life, I don’t necessarily mean materialistic things. I mean things like spending time with your family. Right now, I am not spending much time with my son at all. It is definitely not as much time as I want to spend with him.

I am regretting taking on so much, but I know why I did it. I was temporarily blinded by the dollar signs I saw in front of me. Dollar signs that would help us get out of debt. After so long of living paycheck to paycheck and watching every penny (believe me – I was), this was an opportunity to have extra funds to pay down our debt and lower our monthly payments.

But at what cost?

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So, what do you think ?