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Finding Lost Money!


Dateline NBC had a story on Sunday night about unclaimed property. It could be old paychecks, stock notes, etc. When no one claims them, they are turned over to the state.

Here’s the site to check out http://unclaimed.org

Pick a state and type in the name. Within seconds you can see if there are funds sitting there for you. Best of all, the search is FREE! Unfortunately, not all states have something.

I have run a search before, and I believe I have found funds that could have belonged to my Grandmother. I haven’t done anything about it – but I think I will now. You never know.

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Tentative Tax Refund Amount


After the setback with completing a balance transfer to the incorrect card, I needed some good news. So, I decided to do a very brief calcualtion of my tax refund. I knew I would be getting one – I just wasn’t sure how much.

I figured probably a couple grand, but I am pleased to say it looks more like $3500! Gosh, I love the Earned Income Credit!!

I probably won’t be writing tomorrow, because I will be getting everything finalized so I can get my returns efiled so I can get this cash to pay down some debt 🙂

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