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Refinancing Your Auto Loan


My current vehicle was purchased new with a 10.9% interest rate. We may have been able to negotiate a lower rate at the time of purchase, but it was just a horrible day (it was 9/11/01) and we just wanted to go home and get the car purchase over with (we had to have a car because our other vehicle wasn’t working right – and we traded it in). So, we lived with that interest rate.

About two years into the loan, I learned that you could refinance your auto loans. I thought that was a great idea and it would help to negotiate a lower interest rate and receive a lower monthly payment. I cannot remember what company we tried, but we were denied. They said we had too much debt and were too much of a risk.

After getting turned down, I too easily gave up and didn’t try another company (which I realize now was a mistake on my part). I also should have tried going to a bank and seeing if they had a loan with a lower interest rate.

I am happy to report that our vehicle will be paid off in September of this year, and as it stands right now, our vehicle is still worth $6,000. That is a little less than half of the price we paid for the car, so I believe our car has held up in value quite a bit. I want to have a little party when our car is paid off. It will actually be ours and not the banks!

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Do You Have a Problem Spending Money?


I was surfing the web and came across this neat quiz from MSN. It’s their “Savvy Spending Quiz.”

Savvy Spending Quiz

I should be so ashamed of myself. My score is 25 out of 100! I really flunked that one – LOL. It shouldn’t be a laughing matter, but sometimes you have to laugh to keep sane.

My results basically told me what I already know – that I have a credit management problem. I do have to argue a little bit with that one. I am learning all the tools and I already know quite a few that I need to manage my credit. I just need more funds to pay everything! I am just laughing right now. Now I just had the urge to cry. But I won’t. I must stay strong and focused.

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