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What’s in my Wallet?


I was reading City Girl’s Financial Blog and she had a post telling about what is in her wallet. So, I thought I would share what’s in mine.

What’s in my Wallet?

– Driver’s License
– Son’s Health Insurance Card
– Receipts
– 2 Credit Cards
– 1 Blank Check for Emergency
– AAA Card
– 1/2 of a Mother/Daughter Charm
– A Quote I Hold Dear to Me

One thing you will rarely find in my wallet is money. I try to always use my cards or checks because I don’t like the fact that it is so easy to loose money, and it is harder to keep track of.

Who’s next? 😉

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Finding Lost Money!


Dateline NBC had a story on Sunday night about unclaimed property. It could be old paychecks, stock notes, etc. When no one claims them, they are turned over to the state.

Here’s the site to check out http://unclaimed.org

Pick a state and type in the name. Within seconds you can see if there are funds sitting there for you. Best of all, the search is FREE! Unfortunately, not all states have something.

I have run a search before, and I believe I have found funds that could have belonged to my Grandmother. I haven’t done anything about it – but I think I will now. You never know.

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