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Any Johnny Cash Fans Out There?


Calling all Johnny Cash fans…

If you would like to listen to the new American V album, AOL has the full album for your listening pleasure for free! I just found this, so I’m not sure how long it lasts. But thought I would spread the news!

Just visit http://music.aol.com and scroll down until you see “Listen to Full CD’s for Free.” There are some other albums listed as well.


UPDATE: 7/14/06 – it is no longer available for free ๐Ÿ™

More Info on How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs


I wrote a while ago about a program that helped me with the cost of prescription drugs. I was just left a comment by a brand new personal finance blogger, Scarlett from Financially Secure, that gave some great info!

“This is a great resource if you can’t afford your prescriptions. There’s lots of information on this site – eligibility guidlines, application requirements, etc.
Just about every drug manufacturer has it’s own patient assistance program. Once you find the correct program – try searching by brand name or generic name – print off the paperwork, fill in your part, provide proof of income if necessary and give it to your doctor to fill out the rest. They’ll mail or fax it in for you.”www.needymeds.com

I just took a peek, and the program I was in was listed. What a great resource!

Thanks for the info Scarlett!!