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Buying a House


It is official…signed purchase agreement, approved mortgage, appraisal complete, and closing date tentatively scheduled. I am buying a house.

As I previously mentioned, I had an inspection done prior to bringing it up to anyone but my dad. And then he and I reviewed it together, highlighting the “red flags”. I then scheduled a call with my landlord who has offered to sell me the home since I moved in.

(He is an older gentleman and has been selling off his rental property for several years now. He’s not just trying to unload a trouble house as some readers have suggested. And yes, I have reviewed the local property records and can confirm this as truth.)

The Deal

I am really terrible at negotiating, but armed with my inspection report and numbers of repairs and quotes from contractors, I felt I was prepared. I also had a goal price and a max price, along with non-negotiables. My landlord received the inspection report about a week before we chatted so he could see where I was coming from.

But, in the end, I think we both felt good about where we landed…

Home price: $95,000

Seller to:

  • Replace the roof (completed last Friday) – inspector said it would have to be replaced in next 5 years
  • Replace A/C unit – (completed a couple of weeks ago) We have had trouble with it every year when we first turn it on. He has always fixed it, but it’s from 2007 so I didn’t want to risk the cost of replacement in the next few years.
  • Upgrade/replace electric – This house still has a fuse box and several outlets that are finicky. This is a work in progress because finding an electrician has been challenging. The roofer referred us to someone, so he has him set to come out this week to get a quote. *crossing my fingers

We had a leak in our one bathrooms so that was already under repair and he let me pick out all the new tile, etc. so it’s really like getting a new bathroom.

Monthly Budget

Closing is currently set for the end of this month. I am SO EXCITED!

Based on mortgage estimates, my payment will be about $480 per month. I currently pay $650 in rent. And I’ve already gotten home insurance, just converting my existing renters policy on closing date. Between the two, my monthly housing payment is not changing much at all.

I realize the BAD community doesn’t approve of this decision. But after 14 years of constant moves, this is the right decision for me.

Bathing Suit Season is COMING! Are You Ready?


OK, that’s a joke. I don’t wear bathing suits. Before you jump in to say we should ‘normalize’ mom bodies (and I would agree with you), I’ve never worn bathing suits. I have never been the type that is comfortable having that much skin exposed…and I’m insanely envious of those who are.


Regardless, I always ramp up my workout game in the summer. There is something about the feel of warm sunshine and the smell of sunblock that makes me want to get active. I have had gym memberships on and off but I’ve discovered I’m more successful at working out if I make it super convenient. Lately, it’s the FREE stuff that has been working for me like:



This is by no means an endorsement (and they aren’t paying me anyway!) but I have been enjoying the Nike Training Club. I can choose the length of my workout, the intensity, and the equipment (including the option of no equipment) and boom, it’s off to the races. I don’t do well with phone app workouts over 15 minutes (I get so BORED!) so I usually do 1 – 3 throughout the day to break things up.


If I’m feeling particularly motivated, I do a Thenx workout. The trainers are TOUGH and some of them slowly teach you how to do a handstand pushup. Frankly, I enjoy the laugh as I fall, and fall, and fall repeatedly. I have the perfect ‘safe space’ in my house to practice. It’s in my tiny hallway so if I fall, I just hit the other wall and don’t injure myself (small house for the win!). One of these days, I’ll be able to do one!


The Nike Run Club is a great way for me to see how my run (or walk) is improving. I’m insanely competitive even if it’s against myself. I’m obsessed with beating my own times. This app keeps all my records in a safe space so I know when and how I beat them.



As the country warms up, it’s time to go outside! I have three go-to outside workouts:


Walking! I leash up the dog and take a fast paced stroll around our neighborhood. She loves it. I love it. I get healthy and I get a nice dose of vitamin D. I do occasionally take my kids but they walk REALLY slowly so if I take them, I’ll usually end up going for another walk later to get my heartrate up or do a phone app workout.


Hiking! Hiking is my other love. I just finished the Mission Trails 5 Peak Challenge. It was an 18-mile hike across 5 mountain peaks in eastern San Diego. It KICKED MY BUTT! But I absolutely loved it and I’m already looking forward to when I can go again. This one I have to plan long in advance since I’m usually useless for at least a day or two after.


Running! I love to run. I swore I would give it up after I started last year but here I am… still going. I know it’s bad for my joints so I do limit my miles. It’s a special treat.


If you aren’t moving, TODAY is the day to start. I feel so much better after working out. Sure, I’m not always jazzed about it before I start but I’m always happy I did it and… it’s FREE!!!