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My Side Hustle Begins Again…


The school year is in full effect here and although Princess has changed schools, I am still working on my substitute teaching side hustle at our local district.

This income is not included in my regular budget since it is not steady to be reliable. But it is still a decent pay when it comes. (I’ve been called in 1 time during these first two weeks of school.) From what I understand, it gets busier as we get further into the year. But it’s completely out of my control.

At this point, I’m planning to put all income from this work going directly into savings. Not to be touched. In fact, that’s how I have it set via direct deposit, so I don’t even see it or have to touch it. That worked well for me last spring when I first started this.

I’m also considering signing up for a couple of other districts that are within a 20-minute ride from where I live. With so much more time on my hands right now…at least until October when volleyball season ends, it seems like it would be a good way to increase my workload and make some extra money. (Princess is at volleyball until late every night, so I have 10-11 hours of time between dropping off and picking her up.)

I love Elizabeth’s side hustle. I wish I could walk dogs. But there just doesn’t seem to be a market for that in this tiny town. It would be great for me since not only would I earn some extra money, it would force me to exercise more.

What about you? Any new side hustles you are working on or considering? I’m always looking for inspiration on things I can do to increase my income. And if they serve two purposes, even better – exercise and money!




Thanksgiving Table UPDATE!


I got my FREE hand-me-down table this week! Ain’t she a beauty?

Do you enjoy how I still have pumpkin decorations out, I also have a “Give Thanks” sign, plus a wooden Christmas tree all in one picture? We’re celebrating a merging of the holidays this year, lol.

I love it! Fits the space perfectly and it’s just what I need!

It took a bit of finagling to get it here – it would not fit in my car, so I had to completely disassemble it and then reassemble it at home. But it was an easy job (especially compared to some of the other labor-intensive jobs I’ve been completing recently) and didn’t take long.

Now I’ve got seats for two at the kitchen island PLUS seats for four at the new-to-us table. And it’s nicer than I’d imagined. Very sturdy – real wood, etc. It came from a home with no kids, so I think that may be a factor (kids sure do have a way of destroying furniture, am I right? lol)

Here’s the last “fun” thing this has allowed….. I can now use my office space!!! The house has a little office, but I haven’t had a desk. Wellll, I do have this small circular table. I bought it from Big Lots about 10 years ago, when I first moved to Tucson. It was our kitchen table for years and years when it was just hubs and me (it only seated two). When the girls were old enough to transition from high chairs to real chairs, we bought a new table (which I left with him when I moved), but I kept the little two-seater table. The two barstools I’ve been using at our kitchen island came from the circular table. And the table has just been placed in the dining room “space” but without chairs (and it was never used because it only sat two so it’d be the same situation as at our island – where the girls sit and I stand to eat. Since there weren’t enough seats we just never sat there). Now that we have a “real” table in the dining room, I’ve moved the two-seater table into my office space. I plan to leave it’s two barstools at the kitchen island. But I’ll take one of the tall seats from the new-to-us table and move it into the office (we only need seats for three at the table, so its fine to remove a chair and if we ever have guests, I can obviously move the chairs around). I’ll now have the tall circular table as my office desk!!!!

Ignore then clutter. I’ll hang the picture and need to organize the room a bit still, but this gives you an idea of the set-up.

It’s not ideal. I’d prefer an “actual” desk at some point. But in truth, I’m quite used to working at this table. I’ve never had a real desk at home (I’ve never had an official office space at home before), so I always work at our kitchen table (or kitchen island for the past few months). As I said, for years and years, this circular table WAS our only kitchen table so I remember many a night, up late working on my dissertation, sitting at this exact table.

I’m excited we’ll have a table where we can all sit together for our thanksgiving meal. And I’m also excited that I now actually get to use the office space that has just been sitting (and used mostly as a junk space/storage for the past couple months). I get to reclaim the space, do some organizing, and in no time it will feel like a nice little office. I even have a window I can look out as I’m working. Pretty pumped about the furniture situation and how I’ve been able to make-do with what we use a hand-me-down piece of furniture to totally transform two different areas in my home: the dining room & the office! Woohoo!!!