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No More Cuts to Make


After several years of blogging here, I finally do not believe there is anywhere else I can (or am willing to) cut expenses. While we certainly do not live bare bones, we are generally very frugal in our day to day living.

With that being said, my way forward is to increase my income. I have written about side hustles, passive income and every other way I can think of to make more money. But the bottom line is I have to keep growing my business. Somehow.


The problem is that there are a limited number of hours in the day. And I’m about at capacity. Even with my 11 hour work days. So help me…give me some suggestions for increasing my income in my current business.

I know increasing my pricing is one option and I’m certainly open to that…maybe early next year. But do you have any other ideas for me?

Debt update coming soon. We’ve been staying busy with volleyball season and work. Princess has a part time job lined up to start in October. And History Buff is making some decisions for what he will be doing in January this month.

My Side Hustle Begins Again…


The school year is in full effect here and although Princess has changed schools, I am still working on my substitute teaching side hustle at our local district.

This income is not included in my regular budget since it is not steady to be reliable. But it is still a decent pay when it comes. (I’ve been called in 1 time during these first two weeks of school.) From what I understand, it gets busier as we get further into the year. But it’s completely out of my control.

At this point, I’m planning to put all income from this work going directly into savings. Not to be touched. In fact, that’s how I have it set via direct deposit, so I don’t even see it or have to touch it. That worked well for me last spring when I first started this.

I’m also considering signing up for a couple of other districts that are within a 20-minute ride from where I live. With so much more time on my hands right now…at least until October when volleyball season ends, it seems like it would be a good way to increase my workload and make some extra money. (Princess is at volleyball until late every night, so I have 10-11 hours of time between dropping off and picking her up.)

I love Elizabeth’s side hustle. I wish I could walk dogs. But there just doesn’t seem to be a market for that in this tiny town. It would be great for me since not only would I earn some extra money, it would force me to exercise more.

What about you? Any new side hustles you are working on or considering? I’m always looking for inspiration on things I can do to increase my income. And if they serve two purposes, even better – exercise and money!