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Currently Reading – “The Millionaire Mind”


I was fairly impressed with “The Millionaire Next Door.” It made me really think about things and be reflective on my life and who I am. I like that. That means that I am “growing.”

So, it was fitting that my next book to read is “The Millionaire Mind,” which is another book by Thomas Stanley. This book is quite a bit longer (406 pages), so it may take me quite a while to finish it with my schedule. But, as always, I will be sharing thoughts along the way.

I’m only into the book a few pages, and already I am seeing that this is a book that I will enjoy reading. This time around they talked with more millionaires and it looks like there will be more quotes. I will enjoy the opportunity to get a little more personal with others and how they live. Learning more – that’s what it’s all about.

And if you haven’t heard yet – I want to give my copy of “The Millioniare Next Door” to someone. To find out how to enter, the information is at the very bottom of this post.