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New Wallet Theft Trend


Your purse or wallet gets stolen. You know what to do. Cancel all your cards immediately, file a police report, put a freeze on your credit, and move on with your life.

But what do you do when you don’t know your purse was stolen?


My mother and sister left their purses in the car last week while they took a walk along the beach. They returned, the car was as it was when they left, and the purses were still sitting under the seats. At their next stop, my mother pulled out her wallet and noticed it was buttoned shut – something she never does. Finding the situation odd, she checked the rest of her wallet and noticed one credit card was gone. Confused, she asked my sister to carefully look through her wallet. As with my mother, everything was perfectly in its place – but one credit card was missing.

Had the wallet been left unbuttoned, she, nor my sister, would have noticed the missing credit cards and wouldn’t have known to report them stolen.

Welcome to the new trend in ID/credit theft.

Thieves steal ONE card and leave everything else. Rather than have minutes to hours before cardholders cancel the card, thieves have days, even up to WEEKS, to use the card without you noticing. In this case, the thief only had enough time to use one of the two stolen cards before my mother and sister cancelled them. Had he or she left the wallet unbuttoned, there would have been loads of time to use both.

So what can you do?

First, NEVER leave your purse or wallet in the car. Some of you are saying, ‘Duh!’ while rolling your eyes, but I know there are a good number of you who do this regularly – my husband and many of my friends included.

Second, try to never leave your purse or wallet unattended. Make sure it’s locked up at work and if you have guests over to your home, put purses and wallets in a secure location. It seems silly, but sadly, it’s something we have to do.

Third, don’t carry cards you don’t use. I know it’s tempting to carry all 17 credit cards ‘just in case’, but if you use credit cards, limit yourself to one or two and place them in a location you can see every time you open your wallet.

Fourth, pay attention. If something feels off, double check to make sure everything is there. Don’t shake off a feeling. I’m glad my mom didn’t.

Bump Update…


Here is June’s baby bump update. If you aren’t interested, sorry. Skip this and resume reading tomorrow.

June 1st:

Of course. Our mayor declares the first ever ‘Craft Beer Month’ for San Diego and tells citizens it’s their civic duty to drink local craft beers.

He couldn’t have done this any other time over the last ten years I’ve been of legal age?!? He decided to do it THIS year?!?

June 3rd:

I miss the days when the time lapse between bathroom stops was longer than 8 minutes.

June 10th:

I read in my baby book today that pregnant women should gain very little weight at the end of their pregnancy. In fact, some women may lose weight.

My body did NOT get that memo.

June 13th:

My husband and I attended a Breastfeeding class at the hospital. The teacher mentioned that breastfeeding serves as a fairly good method of birth control. My husband leaned over and whispered, ‘I really want our kids to be close in age. I wish she’d address options about working around the birth control part. I was hoping you’d be pregnant again by October’.

‘EXCUSE ME?!?!’ I said loudly.

The class spun to look at me.

‘December?’ he whispered, genuinely confused at my shock.

I waved a quick ‘I’m sorry but I want to smack my husband’ hand at the teacher and she moved on, seeming to understand.

In the notes section of my booklet, I wrote, ‘NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and HELL NO’ and drew a smiley face.

June 14th:

Judging by the fetal body slams to my abdomen I suffered during the entire appointment… my kid likes my dentist about as much as I do.

June 16th:

When getting out of the shower at 4:30 a.m., I noticed a trail of blood down my legs. Panicking, I woke up my husband. ‘Honey, there’s something wrong with the baby!!! We need to go to the ER now!!’ I sobbed. He slowly ambled out of bed, rubbed the sleep from his eyes, stared at my legs and then said, ‘You cut yourself shaving’ as he pointed at my thigh. He stumbled back into bed and quickly back to sleep.

‘It’s not my fault I can’t see past this belly!!’ I yelled.

June 23rd:

After four long baby classes in one week, my husband said I owed it to him to watch the NBA draft together. I looked down at my belly and said, ‘I owe YOU?’

June 24th:

Stairs are the bane of my existence. Every time I reach the top, I sound like I just finished an Ironman race. Wouldn’t be a big deal, except there are lots of stairs at work. Having coworkers ask if you are out of breath from a quick walk around the block is embarrassing when you have to say no and turn around to point at the three stair climb as the culprit.

June 27th:

I noticed today that I haven’t heard anyone say, ‘You are so tiny’ for a really long time. Third trimester is lame.

June 30th:

I packed my bag for the hospital. No. I wasn’t in labor. I was simply dropping not so subtle hints to the occupant in my uterus.

36 weeks