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And the tides begin to turn…


As of yesterday morning, I have locked in enough work to cover the bills through the remainder of the year. No extra. But with the work I have contracted out, I will be able to cover all bills through my mortgage payment on the first of January.

Now it’s going to take a few weeks or even a month to get caught up with everything, especially since this is contract work so clients often delay in payment. But all the work is with existing or previous clients so I have complete faith that I will get paid in a relatively timely manner. Woot. Woot.

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What now?

This work buys me a couple of months of breathing room, but that’s it. While there will most likely be some ongoing work as a result, I don’t anticipate it will be much.

And this work still leaves me plenty of time to pick up another, at least part time job. I’m will continue to pursue a local in person job to pad things a bit more.

I have also been informed that I will most likely be able to pick up some more hours come the new year from my part time job during tax season. Things are looking up.

Pivot and Focus

Finally, I have been playing around with my now 17 year old consulting firm. It was put on the back burner a couple years ago when I went back into the corporate world. I REALLY wanted to stay in the corporate world, but after a solid year of applications, it’s just not looking like that’s the direction I’m to go.

So I’ve decided on a pivot to my service offerings and am relaunching in a big way. I’ve created some flyers, social campaigns, and beginning next week, I’m going to start pounding the pavement.

For the first time, in a LONG TIME, I am feeling hopeful. And once I get caught up…it will be time to zero in on my debt again. After I save at least $1,000 back in my EF!

Personal note: I greatly appreciate all of the BAD community’s feedback on my posts and decisions. Even when it’s rough, it helps keep me focused and honest. This is a very new phase of my life. And I am genuinely working to make decisions with my head versus my heart. It’s a hard habit to break, but I realize that in the long run, it will be for the best. Please keep pounding on me.



  • Reply Laura |

    Wonderful news. Keep your expenses as low as possible in the meantime so you’ve got a buffer when this ends. Very happy for you this worked out.

    • Reply Walnut |

      Definitely this! For instance, if you haven’t switched your cell phone plan to an MVNO, then you better make that change first.

  • Reply Hannah |

    This sounds like a great boost. If you can continue to decrease expenses in this time and make use of help available, hopefully you can get through this with your house!

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes and yes, Hannah! That is the goal. I will be pounding the pavement, literally, to try to drum up continued and on-going income streams as this is primarily one-off project work.

      • Reply Walnut |

        The one off income is great while you dig yourself out of a hole, but don’t forget that you’re SO close to being able to live a frugal life on a small amount of income. The more you keep chipping down on all expenses, the better your long term prospects to be able to live a simple, fulfilling life. The fewer monthly payments, the easier it is to ride out the storms.

  • Reply Lisa |

    That’s an immediate relief! You should still see if you qualify for an assisted payment on some bills. Any bit of assistance, will help your finances go further.

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes! I still have a month to 6 weeks before I will be fully caught up, depending on how quickly I can churn work out and then collect payment.
      So definitely still looking for assistance to “keep the lights on” in the meantime.
      But this definitely helped my mental state quite a bit.

  • Reply Lana |

    I’m so glad you have some good news. Sounds like you have hopefully reached the bend in the road leading to good things.

    • Reply Hope |

      Crossing my fingers that things continue to trend in my favor.
      I’ve created some “service flyers” and am planning to pound the pavement locally and in an expanded area over the coming weeks to get my name and offering out there.
      I just think with the economy the way it is, perhaps more companies will look for well qualified part-time labor to help control costs…

  • Reply Elizabeth |

    I am rooting for you, Hope! What goes around comes around and your big heart is about to pay dividends.

  • Reply Linda |

    keep the idea of renting a room in your mind. it’s not a bad idea and you now have time to properly set up for a roomie and then vet the renters instead of being rushed into it.

    • Reply Hope |

      You read my mind. I was just thinking about this, this morning. Both my girls are going to be home this weekend. We are going to decorate for Christmas and they will be a big help in sorting items from storage and getting some ideas about renting the room.
      I think I will plan to rent it beginning in the new year, that way the house is wide open for everyone coming for Christmas.

      • Reply Walnut |

        It will take some time to find a renter, screen them, develop a rental agreement, etc. I’d start advertising now!

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