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A Look Back at How Things Used to Be…


We are interested in a house that needs some immediate work. We are negotiating the price but, worst case scenario, we will have to finance $30K. We are looking at creative solutions but for now, we are applying for a small bank loan so we can get an offer in before someone snatches this ugly house. *Thanks God for a contractor hubby who knows ‘good bones but ugly as sin’ from ‘bad bones but gorgeous’*

This ain’t a Buyer’s market folks.

The bank asked us to upload the slew of usual information. Paystubs, W-2’s, retirement accounts, etc. I carefully stacked everything together…then started crying. Clarification. Sobbing.

In 2014, we were in a bad spot. We hadn’t paid our mortgage in months. We were in an incredible amount of debt. We had no future…or that’s what it felt like. 2014 was our rock bottom. In complete desperation, we made a change.

This was the first time since then that I looked at every single corner of our finances and added up our net worth. It was very positive. No debt. Fully funded emergency fund. On track retirement. Cash for a house. Great job. Friends, the future’s so bright…I gotta wear shades. All the fighting through it. All the struggle. Worth every single ounce for this moment. It’s so easy to believe that you are too far gone. You’re too old. Too young. Too in debt. It’s just not true. Make the change. Your future self will be filled with so much gratitude, they’ll cry. I want to hug the 2014 me who said, ‘THAT’S IT! I CAN’T DO THIS!!’ and actually did something about it.

As I stared down at the stack of beautiful paperwork with tear-filled eyes, I said, ‘Well done 2014 Beks. Well freaking done’

Start now. Be done with debt. This moment is worth it.

When you forget about books!


I was so proud to be prepared for Princess college tuition this month. It is due at the end of this week, January 14th to be exact. Since I knew what last semester cost (almost $4,000), I saved all last fall to be ready for this semester. Go me! I am ready.

Then she mentioned, “oh, mom, for this class, they give us first day access  for my online access for this cost? should i just take that or do you still want me to check the bookstore and amazon?” Ugh! I completely forgot to add some extra for the cost of books. And she’s taking 16 hours again so the price of books will probably be about the same as last semester…several hundred dollars.

Can’t believe I forgot about this expense. *slaps forehead

Anyways, we are going to pursue renting the textbooks again from Amazon which saved us a ton of money for books she wouldn’t need again. But it’s going to throw off my plan for this month by a few hundred dollars. And took my pride down a notch or two at being so prepared. But thankfully, unlike past times, it doesn’t cause a financial scramble and anxiety because I can cover it.

I guess I needed this lesson to remind me of how far I’ve come and also how the details matter.

If her dad kicks in for tuition, it might alleviate this mishap. He did pay $700 toward that semester’s tuition. But he’s been silent and inactive in contributing for this semester thusfar. But I’m prepared either way. Thank God!