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How Many have Fitness Goals this New Year?


I purchased a gym membership on Black Friday. And told the BAD community how I planned to “pay myself” for going to the gym. December was a trial run, getting into the habit of going to the gym.

I am pretty proud of myself…I have gone every week and most weeks I have gone 3 or 4 times. It has taught me that:

  1. Going every day, which was my initial goal, is not realistic.
  2. Earning my spending money is definitely a good motivator for me.
  3. I HATE the gym – like a lot! But I know I need to be more healthy. So this is no longer optional.
  4. Going first thing in the morning is the only schedule that I can really stick too. By the afternoon or evening, I am done.
  5. I am capable of sticking to it. This month has taught me that.

I’ve been consistently working up…started at 1 mile a day on the treadmill and now I’m up to 2 miles a day. Pretty proud of myself.

I gave myself the last couple of days of the year off from gym duty, but started back at it Monday. At $25 per month, this is a positive investment in myself. And something that I need.

Paying Myself to Go to the Gym

As a result of my trial run, I am modifying my “pay myself to go the gym” plan. Instead of the $10 per day to earn my $300 per month in spending money, I am doing a weekly earning…did I go at least 3 times that week? If so, I get the money to spend, if not, it goes to debt. And as I mentioned in Monday’s post…the goal this month is to take the kids skiing so I have to earn it. To the gym I go!

What about you? Any fitness goals or other personal resolutions for you this year?