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March Challenge Plan


WhileI’ve now broken down my house by room, by closet and by cabinet space. Scheduled my #declutterchallenge is bite size pieces to assure my success. I put them on my Asana to do list with due dates. So I am all ready to get started.

I also organized a place to put the clutter I will be getting rid of. I have a cardboard box for the things that will be going to the thrift store, a trash can for the UN-donateable and a place to pile those that will be handled in some other way (send to someone else, scan papers or take pictures of things before I get rid of them, etc.)

While I am encouraging the kids to participate in this challenge in their own space; although, I’m not forcing it at this point. But I am really looking forward to a fresh new look and feel to the house as we remove the things we don’t need AND organize those that we do at the same time. This is definitely a labor of love!

How Will This Challenge Help?

But I know the BAD community is asking…what does this have to do with paying down your debt?

First, I there is something about having a clutter free, organized space that alleviates a great deal of stress. I’m pretty sure there is research backing that up. But I know this is a fact for me. And the less stress I have, the more apt I am to make good financial decisions.

Second, being organized really helps me avoid duplicate purchases. If I know where things should be and know if we have them, I will not re-purchase. The latest example of this for us is Chicken Noodle Soup. Somehow we ended up with 2 cases from Sams. And we are all tired of Chicken Noodle Soup – very!

Third, these monthly challenges are really working in keeping me focused. I mentioned in the comments recently that I am loving seeing my back account grow. While I believe know we will continue with eating at home a lot more, I need a new challenge. I did see someone else challenge their audience to start saving for retirement, but I’m not there yet. Paying down debt is my #1 goal, so this decluttering challenge is a step towards that.

Are you ready for the March #declutteringchallenge? What is your plan of action or are you just taking it a day at a time?



A February Challenge


As everyone knows, we had a great #NoSpendJanuary. While I did very briefly toy with the idea of extending it for a few weeks into February like I did back in October, I am definitely not in the mindset to continue.

BUT while I was perusing Facebook this morning, I did find a challenge that appealed to me. And it will definitely contribute to our continued financial gain.

Are you ready to join me for a February Eat at Home Challenge?

Needless to say, I did not create this. They have one posted for every month in the Dave Ramsey Facebook group I belong too. And since eating out is definitely my hardest challenge. I thought this would be a great challenge for me.

Between the kids and I, we have planned out 3 weeks of meals already. And I just have to hit the grocery store and stock up with the list we made from our meal plan.

I am not sure I can commit to every meal at home this month because I really need a break from home right now. And dishes! But I am up for a challenge.

I think I’m going to make a goal of eating 6 home cooked dinners a night at home. And the 7th night will be leftovers.

But I’m going to give myself a little leeway during the day when it’s just me. I can go to the local coffee shop and get soup for $2.50 at lunch time.

Who’s in? Or who has another February Challenge idea for the BAD community? I’m open to suggestions.