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Speaking of Health – Exercise on the Cheap


Speaking of health…Over the years, I have been very guilty of the mindset “if I pay for it, I’ll be more motivated to go” when it comes to gym memberships. In fact, just two years ago, when we first moved to Georgia and into my Grandmother’s house, I joined a gym for the family.

It was in walking distance of her house and gave us somewhere to go on a daily basis to get out of her way and burn off some steam. I was determined to lose some weight. And for about 4 months, I went daily. Every morning at 5am before I go to work, I would do 30 minutes of cardio there.

And then I fell off the wagon and we got settled in and we stopped using that outlet. Thank goodness there was no long term commitment and the cost was very affordable. About $35 dollars for the whole family, I think.

Need to Exercise

I know you are groaning now, aren’t you? Thinking I am now going to justify joining a gym again. Don’t worry, I’m not. Not even thinking about it. First of all, I never leave the house if I don’t have too, so going to a gym is not even on my radar.

But I do need to add some movement to my days. Working from home tends to make me a bit lazy…other than weekly yard work and taking the dogs out a few times a day, I really don’t have to move around a lot. And I need too.

Workout Plan

With the advent of the new school year this week, I’ve come up with a plan. Free plan, even!

At 6:20 a.m., I take the dogs out every morning. We typically just walk around a while or I tie them up and work in the yard for a while. But I’ve decided to add jump roping to my daily routine. It will get my heart rate up. I heard it’s one of the best “all over” exercises you can do. And doing that early in the morning gave little chance of many people seeing my fat jumping around.

Afternoon lull. I don’t know about you, but I tend to hit a wall in the early afternoon. I can hardly keep my eyes open. And my brain is fried from concentrating on work for the last 5-6 hours with few breaks. So I decided to add something super convenient, free and upbeat. I’m going to try doing the Dance Fitness with Jessica workouts that she posts for free access on YouTube. I literally can turn them on in my computer screen, slide my desk chair out of the way, and get to moving! I figure just doing one dance, at my very novice level, will be a good start. (Yes, you can laugh when you picture, I do.)

You have to admit they look like fun, right? This is my FREE fitness plan to add to my already tweaked eating and fasting plan I mentioned on Monday. What about you? What does your fitness routine look like? Are you a gym rat or do you have a home workout plan that is both cost-conscious and effective for you? I’d love to hear about it.

Controlling My Diabetes


My health was brought up in several comments over the last couple of weeks. And I certainly understand how that relates to money. Bad health can be very expensive. Thankfully, over the last year, I have gotten my diabetes under control beginning with medication and now with diet only. Yeah!

One of the keys to this big health change for me began with learning about the Keto eating plan. And then later on starting the habit of intermittent fasting. I’m not looking to start a debate on diets and low carb vs high protein. Everyone’s body is different.

For me, the combination of a Keto based eating plan and intermittent fasting has been a game changer. Not only have I lost 45 pounds in the last year without really trying, but my numbers are great! (As I diabetic under doctor’s care over the last year, I have had my blood checked every 3 months.)

I am grateful to have found a doctor who supported my desire to not stay on medication but to really get a handle on my health a more natural way. She has been fantastic and supported me every step of the way with her knowledge and allowing me to try alternatives to the typical medical routines.

guide to fasting by jason fung

This book (<=this is an Amazon link to the book, but it is not an affiliate link) has been extremely helpful as I established a routine fasting schedule. And helped me understand my obesity, my diabetes and how fasting could help. And frankly, it hasn’t been hard at all.

I am not a medical professional, and like I said, I have been under a doctor’s care regularly for the past year. But if you are dealing with diabetes or other related issues, check this book out and have a conversation with your own doctor.

How Did You Pay

Now I know you are going to ask about the money…

  • We had Medicaid for a year so the bulk of my care and prescriptions were covered under that with no out of pocket expenses except for occasion vitamins (I was low on D and needed a probiotic.)
  • During my visit in the spring, I told my doctor that my insurance was ending. (I didn’t have a plan in place at that time for future insurance.) She recommended a prescription plan: GoodRX. It has been amazing at savings for my medication. Although I am off all but one prescription now. I cover prescriptions in our grocery money which is why there is no line item for it. In a given month they run from $3.50 t0 $20 so really negligible.
  • She also let me cut down on my visits from quarterly to every 6 months and got me the self pay price of my blood draws so I could save up for them.

We have not been to the doctor since that visit. But do now have a group plan that I was able to purchase when I joined a professional affiliation for my virtual assistant business. It’s more of an emergency plan, but that works for us. But it does cover a annual well visit for myself and Princess.