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A Little Getaway


We had a quick overnight trip to Atlanta this weekend. It was scheduled around a college visit for Princess – Spelman College. What a beautiful campus and a step into a different culture for myself and Princess’ friend who accompanied us.

I was very sad to hear that they did away with their sports programs in their entirety. Otherwise, I believe it would have made Princess’ short list. I was very impressed with their campus and offerings. And I’m very glad we visited.

dinner out in Atlanta

A Night Away

I used points for an overnight stay downtown, it was nice that using points also covers the cost of parking! And the girls’ had a blast scootering around downtown Atlanta and taking hundreds (literally, hundreds) of pictures. (They each paid for their own scooter. Mine cost $11, they were out a bit longer then me.)

We didn’t go outside of our budget for this trip at all. I had set aside monies from our weekly cash budget for food and entertainment. (I scheduled her college visits several months ago around her school breaks.)

It was a really great way to enjoy her fall break from school. And visit with a friend from her old school.

We walked for miles, enjoyed free Cokes from the World of Coke and tried out an amazing restaurant that I found on Yelp – Poor Calvins! The restaurant was a bit pricey, but we all shared an appetizer and the special of the day. It was a great way to enjoy the experience without breaking the bank!

Berry Rice with Scallops

Because we didn’t have reservations (didn’t realize I had picked somewhere that required them,) they let us eat outside. It was a wonderful adventure, especially after a 2 mile scooter ride from our hotel Friday night.

Next weekend, Princess is off on a retreat with some girls from school. (Sponsored by another family, so no cost to us.) I have plans to finish my Christmas shopping/making for our Texas family. And to do a purge of my bedroom and living room.

Growing Vegetables Inside


As my garden begins to fade away for the year…I began to consider what I might could grow inside over the winter. My tomato plants are still producing bumper crops, but most everything else has finished producing.

Have you ever grown any vegetables indoors? Not just herbs. But full veggies…

I’ve been Googling it…

I am most interested in growing salad fixings and some peppers. Those are things we use every week and would save me a significant amount on fresh groceries. I don’t need the herbs as much…well, most of them.

So tell me, what experience have you had with growing food indoors during the fall/winter? And I’m not talking about investing money in grow lights or fancy equipment. I’ve got a bag of potting soil, plenty of pots, windows that get decent sunlight and plant food. So I just think I need the right seeds for the right plants. Thoughts?

Also, have you heard of growing a lemon tree inside? I drink lemon water every morning. And would love to be able to grow them year round. I see pictures and ads on Facebook, but I’ve never known anyone who actually grew one. Have you?

I would love any tips or tricks you might have on doing this. I am very excited about the idea…as much because I enjoy growing things as I am about having fresh food and lowering my grocery bill. Not to mention the convenience of having food on hand.