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Hope’s Debt – April, 2019


It’s the last day of the month. April has been a month of enormous wins (business wise,) personal challenges (car wreck) and some fun (Gymnast visited and we went to Texas.)  Time is just flying by! I can’t believe summer break officially starts for us in just a few weeks.

But through it all, I am very much laser focused on getting 100% out of debt ASAP! And I did get rid of two debts in their entirety this month…


(as of 10/14/17)
Min. Payment
Student Loans$35,0192.88%$0 (income based deferment)
Credit Card$2,22117.00%$32
Collections 3 (Ex-husband)06.25%$0
Collections 2 (Apartment)0$0

I have begun paying at least $100 per month towards my student loan, which covers the monthly interest.

I mentioned yesterday that my Credit Card debt is what I am targeting hard now. My, maybe lofty, goal is to pay off my credit card debt before we go to Texas at the end of the June. That may mean not saving my car payment money…or maybe I’ll be able to pick up some extra work.

But that would be absolutely amazing!!

What are you personal finance goals for this last month of the school year? Before the schedule change that summer brings for so many families?

Bye, bye debt…


My car debt…GONE!

My collection debt…GONE! Called, negotiated and paid yesterday!

I am officially down to my very last two debts…

  1. Credit card
  2. Student loans

And my credit card has a target much larger than this on it in my head!!!

I know I have to keep focus on rebuilding my EF and saving for a car down the road BUT guys, I am so close. So close. This credit card debt is going to be gone this year…mark my words. I will be down to one, single solitary debt.

Holy cow.